Gardening Seasons – EVERYTHING You Need to Know

The garden should be a bountiful place all year round. It should offer refuge to plants and wildlife in the winter and a place for nature to thrive in the summer.

WINTER – Rest and recuperation

After the lush harvest and bountiful displays of summer and autumn, the garden needs time to recover. There are many gardening hints and tips for helping your garden have a fitful sleep during the cold winter months.

SPRING – Rejuvenation

With warmer days comes new life. Vulnerable buds of new growth emerge but with your help, they can grow strong. And wildlife emerges too, with plenty of food close by they will stay bringing many benefits to your garden.

SUMMER – Abundance

From a colourful display of all kinds of flowers and shrubs to bumper vegetable crops and harvests of fruit, summer is the time the garden is truly alive.

AUTUMN – Reflection

Now that the heat is starting to dissipate, before winter returns with a vengeance, enjoy the late autumn colours. Provide shelter for wildlife and protect the earth and the plants in it and welcome the end of yet another garden season. 

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