It’s not always possible to get the perfect shave. No matter your gender, it’s sometimes convenient to shave as quickly as possible, without even thinking about the effect it can have on your skin. In fact, if you have a quick shave often, you’re more likely to experience shaving rash or irritation. The next time you think about shaving on a time limit, think about your skin and make the time to have a safe, clean and effective shave. 

The best way to keep your skin healthy before your shave is to make the time to do it properly. There are a number of ways in which you can prep your skin before using a razor, which will keep your skin healthy and encourage beard growth. 


Every January, Utah welcomes hundreds of filmmakers, critics, actors and film fans to the Sundance Film Festival. The event includes weeks of screenings and acts as a launching pad for films to be bought and distributed by major companies. It is the largest independent film festival in the world and was created by famed actor Robert Redford as a way to encourage the film industry in Utah. With such a gathering of industry professionals, producers like Heather Parry, and those seeking the early scoop on the coming year's slate of films, there's always some films that get people talking.