Buzz at Sundance 2020

Every January, Utah welcomes hundreds of filmmakers, critics, actors and film fans to the Sundance Film Festival. The event includes weeks of screenings and acts as a launching pad for films to be bought and distributed by major companies. It is the largest independent film festival in the world and was created by famed actor Robert Redford as a way to encourage the film industry in Utah. With such a gathering of industry professionals, producers like Heather Parry, and those seeking the early scoop on the coming year's slate of films, there's always some films that get people talking. 

Palm Springs

From Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island team comes Palm Springs, a romantic comedy centered around a wedding guest (Samberg) and a bridesmaid (Cristin Miloti, perhaps best known for her work on the television series "How I Met Your Mother"). While not many plot details are known, the film made a massive splash at the festival and broke records for the largest distribution purchase in Sundance history. The film was bought by Neon and Hulu, so fans can hopefully expect big things from the next work from the heartfelt comic team. 


A distinctly 2020 offering, Zola was adapted from a viral Twitter thread that told the story of a spontaneous road trip that goes terribly wrong for those involved. The film was directed by Janicza Bravo and the distinctly female eye behind the camera has been a much-lauded talking point in the conversation surrounding the film. 

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

The documentary designed to break down the notoriously hidden private life of one of the biggest stars in the world has also generated significant conversation. Although early reactions are noting that this film will most likely please Swift's existing fans and fail to change the minds of those that don't enjoy her or her music, it has filtered to the top of Sundance conversations nonetheless. 


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  2. This film festival sounds interesting. I would want to watch at least some of the films.