In this day and age where technology has inevitably become a part of our daily lives, we are subconsciously living limitlessly with almost everything readily available at the tip of our fingers. It has led to so many discoveries, better establishments, and better luxuries and has dramatically changed our daily lives. From the way we communicate to speedy internet connection, from the academe to various industries, and from healthcare to aesthetics. Even in aesthetics and especially in the field of beauty, technology has been a huge driving force behind their huge improvements.  


Everyone wants to eventually own their home. Sure, renting may be fine while you’re younger and don’t have a set life plan or life path. You want the flexibility of being able to up and move regularly rather than being tied into extended contracts. However, as time goes on and you begin to settle down, you’ll soon begin to notice the negatives that come hand in hand with renting. First of all, you’ll grow tired of paying someone else’s mortgage for them. When you rent, you’re literally paying someone else’s mortgage on their behalf. Though you live in the property, they own it and will have the full rights over it at all times. You are also likely to grow weary of being in a relatively vulnerable position - your landlord doesn’t have to renew your contract when it comes to an end. They could decide to move into the property themselves or to lease it out to someone else. This would leave you looking for somewhere new to live, despite having made ties with the place you’ve spent so long in! Finally, you’ll realize that any improvements you make have to be approved and only really benefit the house’s actual owner in the long run. In short, you want a home to be completely your own. This gives you the security of knowing you can truly settle down in the space and do what you want with it. Now, buying your own property involves a variety of different financial processes. Here are a few you’re likely to encounter at some point during your journey!

The Nature of the Pest

Bugs, insects, and spiders are absolutely everywhere in the billions and it is said that wherever you go, you are always less than 2 metres away from a spider. While the majority of spiders are completely harmless, someone suffering from arachnophobia is going to be very unhappy to be sharing a house with them.

Eradicating pests permanently has always proved notoriously difficult. Bugs are part of a natural ecosystem and many of them such as bees perform essential tasks in pollinating out fruits, vegetables and flowers, though they do not make good housemates. Aside from the damage they can cause to your home, as termites alone cause five billion dollars in damages each year just in the USA, they can also spread diseases, so they need to be either eradicated or persuaded to move somewhere else.

Are you planning on going to homecoming this year? Of course, you are! But, what are your doing about your makeup?

Once you’ve got the dress and shoes picked out, and possibly a date, you need makeup to match the fierce and flawless homecoming dresses of 2018. It’s a pretty big decision. Will you go for a bold lip or Smokey eyes? What about coral blush or a cat eye? So many decisions!

To help you get the best makeup possible for your homecoming dance, we’ve put together a couple of amazing suggestions to help inspire you.


When making your house a home, some of the first things you look to our furniture, accents and the colors on the walls. However, there’s one design element that is often overlooked: lighting. The lighting in your home plays a major role in not only your home’s overall ambiance but its function. Here are a few ways to flip the switch on your current lighting situation. 
Global smartphone brand Vivo has unlocked the future of mobile technology in the Philippines as it introduced a new flagship, the X21 with the pioneering In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, at its launch in Okada Manila on June 21.

The event, held in the Grand Ballroom of the picturesque oceanfront integrated resort, was well-attended by media partners and other guests despite the heavy rain.

Vivo Philippines’ VP for Sales Ms. Hazel Bascon gave her welcome message during the Vivo X21 launch.

Vivo Philippines Vice President for Sales Ms. Hazel Bascon during her opening remarks highlighted the global smartphone brand’s dedication to innovation.


Vladivostok literally translates as “ruler of the east”, so what better place to start your Trans-Siberian adventure than in this spectacular city? Set around the impressive Golden Horn Bay, known in Russia as Zolotoy Rog, this city is a major Russian port in the far east of Russia. The city is close to Russia’s borders with North Korea and China and is home to over half a million inhabitants.


When the suns beating down and you find yourself with a free 24 hours to spend with your friends, family or partner, its a lovely idea to head out of your home and find a little private spot in nature to relax with those closest to you. You might live near a lake or forest, rivers, mountains or the seashore; wherever you would tend to go on a sunny day with family, youre going to need the following things to get you on your way so that you can enjoy peace and tranquility on a summers day.


Extraordinary AI Photography experience set new industry benchmarks for mobile innovation

Manila, 21 June 2018 – Vivo on Thursday released the X21 flagship smartphone in the Philippines to bring users a brand new and futuristic unlocking experience with industry-leading In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology. Combined with its FullView Display, AI photography and upgraded face recognition technology, the X21 is the ideal mobile partner for the tech-savvy consumer.

Through its continuous research into user needs, Vivo has consistently pursued innovation to solve consumer pain points. Having invested in long-term research and development to overcome the problems posed by mass producing In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, Vivo is finally bringing this secure and intuitive unlocking solution to more consumers. Vivo has also made major technology breakthroughs with its FullView Display and AI photography featured in the X21.


Our homes are supposed to be our castles, our refuges from the worries and threats of the world, and the places where we are most able just to kick back and unwind in peace.

Unfortunately, some of the concerns in our day-to-day lives can follow us home and disrupt our calm, quiet, and even our health as a result. Mortgage loans, pending work deadlines, and issues with domestic appliances can all be cause for concern and may require us to take decisive action.

But the issue of toxins found in the home is another story. Perhaps you hadn’t even heard that your home is likely to be filled with numerous toxins, from gases emitted by your appliances, to stale air and harmful mold spores, to food contaminated by plastic containers?

Alas, it’s true, but never fear. Here are some effective steps you can take today to begin detoxifying your home.

When it comes to the trendy face makeup, everyone goes to the more length to find a perfect product. Powder, concealer or foundation could hide the spots completely by minimizing the lines. In fact, it also efficiently creates overall flawless finish on the face. Everyone is in search of a perfect product to easily match their skin tone, personality as well as skin type. Most women like to make an extensive search when they are about to purchase the product. Taking time to get the best product for making the final decision is quite important. Beauty is always been the most important factor for women across the world and there are many numbers of aspects to choose from. Setting the Makeup would efficiently make a perfect finishing touch so that it would give the most elegant look. In the olden days, people have used the chalk, flour or starch as powders however with the improvement in technology; fashion world has improved a lot. Setting powder becomes the popular makeup items used to get complete elegance.  Setting powder locks the foundation as well as concealer application. In fact, the Setting powder would easily reduce the breaking points and cracks in the skin to give the smooth look to the excellence. Below is some of the top face setting powders that you could try for bringing you complete beauty.


The world of business is always changing. Companies know they must be able to respond well to the changing needs of the market. Savvy company directors and owners are well aware of the need to think of new ways to get financing to help them expand. Capital managers are also aware of the need to look for new business opportunities. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that Tengram Capital Partners, a private equity firm, has decided to enter the makeup market. As one of the nation's most respected capital management firms, they have made a bold move. Officials at Tengram Capital are pleased to announce they have purchased Lime Crime, one of the world's most innovative retailers. This company joins Tengram's impressive collection of branded consumer companies.

There are many reasons why more and more people are eschewing a reliance on animal products and embracing the vegan lifestyle. And you’d better believe that they are! This year’s Veganuary was a fully fledged record breaker with a staggering 183% increase on last year with 79,000 omnivores taking part to try the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and 168,542 people taking part overall.

The reasons for this increase are both uniquely personal and extremely varied. Many are people who love animals and can no longer reconcile their love of all creatures with their predilection for eating and wearing them on a regular basis. Others are people who have seen their health gradually deteriorate after years and years if a diet rich in meat, eggs and dairy products. All those saturated fats are bound to take a toll and there’s a mounting body of evidence to suggest that the so-called Western diet (usually characterised by a slab of meat accompanied by a starchy carbohydrate and a flourish of green here and there) is fundamentally unhealthy and leads to overeating and obesity not to mention an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. Yet, as our awareness of the global impact of our planet’s reliance on animal products rises as a result of documentaries like Cowspiracy and The Earthlings more and more people are turning to a vegan diet and lifestyle simply because it represents a more sustainable option for a planet that is fast running out of resources. Thus, many vegans are also embracing the zero waste lifestyle. Inspired by the likes of Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home and Lauren Singer of Trash Is For Tossers these people take inventive and creative measures to reduce or even eliminate the damaging landfill waste that is slowly killing our planet.
The face of traveling is going through enormous changes every day. People are showing attention towards the option of wandering around the entire world. This incomparable love towards the checklist of witnessing countless places has been giving birth to the existence of backpacking. The term backpacking involves the ravishing essence of nomadic parameters. There is no doubt that the traveling brings the auspicious happy to the soul.

The assimilation of new experiences adds on to the reason behind these backpacking trips. The never ending urge of witnessing different roads, woods, mountains, scenery creates the deepest attachment with the opportunity of backpacking. The question which often arises is that what are the essentials to keep while doing the perfect packing for a backpacking trip?


Building a better home is an endless challenge, and your list of potential projects is probably as long as your arm. Therefore, choosing the right one for your next upgrade is arguably the toughest challenge of all.   
Thankfully, using the five simple questions below for guidance should give you the very best chance of making the right decision. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

hand wood construction paint paint brush material painting product home improvement art renovation man made object
Photo by Russ Hendricks

The Chief Executive of Sightsavers, Caroline Harper, visited Vancouver to discuss in her TED talk, an affliction called trachoma, which is considered one of the leading causes of blindness around the world. She wore symbolic tweezers to represent how African girls who have suffered from the disease for many years, have to spend their entire lives pulling their eyelashes from under their eyelids because of lack of treatment from the disease to avoid scratching their corneas which leads to blindness.

Harper’s article on Sightsavers goes on to give a long history of the disease which has its earliest recorded medical record in ancient Egypt when an ancient mural was found showing eyes and tweezers. Today, people in the lowest economic rungs of society are the most susceptible to the disease with nearly 185 million people susceptible to trachoma. The most unfortunate part is that it is actually preventable.

Throughout your lifetime, you spend a long time in your bedroom, therefore all your décor should be carefully picked out, from your bed sheets to your plants. Data by NASA and the American College has found which houseplants are best sui­ted to join you in your room of rest.

Why should you enhance your bedroom with houseplants?

It’s important to understand the ways in which you can improve your bespoke bedroom’s feng shui — and indeed the rest of your home — with some simple houseplants.

When speaking to The Telegraph, interior landscaper and gold-medal winner at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Ian Drummond, stated that the average houseplant can be very practical. He explains: “Many people now live in cities with no outside space. We all have this longing to have some green around us, and houseplants are the perfect solution.”

Houseplants can also work as a cheap air freshener for your home thanks to their pleasant aromas. Studies have shown that houseplants have been found to help with concentration, promote better sleep and reduce anxiety among people who live around them on a day-to-day basis too. The Plantsman, when reporting on a 2016 piece which was published in the RHS’s journal, underlined: “As placing indoor plants in rooms is one of the simplest changes that can be made to enhance the environment, it stands out as a practical and affordable support for health.”

Being a mother means being there for every up and down in your child’s life. It means putting your all into a relationship, from nurturing to befriending. You are there from the very first moment, and you want to be there through every moment afterwards. You have watched her grow from a baby into a full-grown woman before you could even blink, and now she has found the love of her life and is ready to get married.

Time goes by so quickly, which is why making the most out of every moment is important, for you and for her. You don’t have time to do things twice, you don’t have time to play it safe. When it comes to big milestones like her wedding, you want the experience to be as incredible and unique as she is, and as her mother, it is your job to help her realize her dreams.

Far too many weddings are based wholly on tradition, despite those traditions being steeped in cultural significance that no longer applies. Yes, many young brides want nothing more than the traditional white wedding they’ve seen again and again, but a wedding should be a unique experience, meaning you should never shy away from exciting or different traditions just because it wasn’t featured in the latest wedding magazine. You can do whatever you want and make your own traditions, which is why as her mother you should do all you can to help her have her dream wedding.

To help both of you get started with planning, consider these unique wedding traditions to use on her big day:
We all know the importance of leading an active lifestyle, with both the media and our peers constantly discussing the benefits of keeping fit. Statistics show that UK gym memberships rose by 5.1% between March 2016 and March 2017. As a nation, we are clearly trying to become more active – but does the same apply to our children?

A report by The Guardian indicated that 75% of children are now spending less time outside than prison inmates. Guidelines published by the UN recommend a minimum of one hour per day of outdoor exercise, yet studies show that the majority of children in the UK get less than 60 minutes of outdoor play each day. Up to one fifth of children were shown to have no outdoor play time at all in a typical day. Conversely, children were found to be spending much longer playing on electronic devices and tablets than they were playing outdoors.
Imagine, for a moment, that you could earn a living for yourself without leaving your home. You wake up, put on a pot of coffee, and get to work - and you’re still wearing your pajamas. No daytime commute, no boring watercooler chat, no spending long days in an office that’s lit too brightly. Sounds nice, right? Well, there’s good news - not only is this possible, it’s possible in a number of ways! Below, we run through nine options for earning money from the comfort of your own property, none of which are overly complicated - they just require a leap of faith.


It is almost hard to believe that a company like Jeunesse Global, which was founded less than nine years ago, could have risen from a garage-based startup to become one of the dominant players in the global health and beauty industry. But such was the skill and tenacity of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis that they were able to take a company that just eight years ago had its global headquarters next to their lawn tractor and grow it into an international corporation that gives the likes of Revlon and Mary Kay serious competitive anxiety.

Today, Jeunesse Global has tens of thousands of distributors operating in many countries throughout the planet. The firm has developed one of the most revolutionary product lineups in the history of health and beauty. This includes the company’s Youth Enhancement System, a basket of more than a dozen products that provide consumers with a one-stop, comprehensive lineup of products for all of their health, beauty, and youth-enhancing needs.
Every year, many thousands of people across the United States who have a passion for hair, makeup, and cosmetics, choose to pursue a career in beauty. Even if this isn’t something you have considered before, if you have any interest in the world of cosmetics and beauty, you should consider it now.

There are many reasons why people choose to study cosmetology and subsequently enter the industry. For some people, it is an opportunity to make a small but meaningful difference to other peoples’ lives. For others, it is a skill that they can build a business around. Here are 3 reasons why anyone with an interest in cosmetics and beauty should consider cosmetology school.


Whether you are expecting your first child, or are adding to your family, each and every pregnancy is different. Your mood swings may be more severe the first time around, or perhaps you have some seriously odd cravings. Not to mention, struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position and look after your body and mind before baby arrives. So, if you are looking to stay happy and healthy during pregnancy, and are feeling slightly overwhelmed, then worry not. These top tips will ensure that you look after both your body and baby so that you are both in the best possible health in time for the birth and first few weeks of motherhood.
An impressive singing voice is a natural gift that not too many people get. Hence, it is important to share this talent with the world and achieve as much as possible. Thankfully, for singers, doing so is not that difficult nowadays. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for singers is projected to rise by 10% by 2020. All it takes is some creative marketing concepts to make a healthy living off one’s singing voice. Even though not everyone can be expected to become a world-renowned pop star, here are some excellent ways to make money if you have an impressive singing voice and wish to apply your talent to earn a living.

It’s that time again, parents! Summer will be here before you know it and the kids will be pestering you no end about where you will be taking the much-anticipated family vacation this year. As if it wasn’t bad enough when they were little, and anything from a petting zoo to the playroom at McDonald’s thrilled them, now they are teenagers and apparently nothing is fun anymore. This year, why not give them the vacation of a lifetime because there are new and exciting things to do that will keep your kids bragging throughout the next year – at least until Christmas, perhaps!
Photo by Elijah O'Donell on Unsplash

Suffice it to say that Instagram is undoubtedly the most important social network at this very moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular guy or girl from the neighborhood or a model or even a businessman, the chances that you’ll find the things you’re interested in on Instagram are incredibly high. With over 800 million active users, it’s also the place where all the brands and companies will try to find their clientele. However, a new thing grew out of this community – the Instagram influencers which can earn a lot of money and become extremely popular. It would have sounded quite silly a couple of years ago, but Instagram influencers are among the top paid jobs at the moment. So, if you want to become one, here are all the things that you should pay attention to:


Living life in the fast lane can seem like fun, with so many things to do, so many people to see, so many family and work tasks to complete. But if you don’t take your foot off the gas once in a while, you’re likely to burn out or, worse still, find yourself in bad health, and that isn’t good. So, maybe it’s time you took a step back to review where you’re at and to make some changes for the better. Here are seven ways you can improve your life.


If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to add to your ATV, think in terms of light. Poor lighting leaves you at risk for so many different types of incidents – which can be avoided. These days, nearly all ATV’s come with standard low and high beam lighting. But, additional lighting can help you to see what is ahead and what to avoid.

In fact, many riders are adding LED light bars for their vehicles.

While the major benefit is that the right lights can help you to see and to avoid accidents, here are a few tips to ensure you purchase the correct LED lights for your ATV.

The internal issues caused by smoking are well-known and documented. Cancer, heart disease, a higher risk of stroke, these illnesses might not always develop clear symptoms. 

However, the damage smoking causes your outward appearance is very noticeable to those around you. If you're debating quitting, take a look at some of the worrying ways smoking warps your looks as a final motivation to make the change. 


When you’re in pursuit of your dream home, you can often feel as if you have to wait until it comes on the market, or keep on moving until you find it. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Okay, so the place you’re in now isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t always have to be. In fact, you may find that if it has potential, you’ll get as close as you can to your dream home by just staying put for now. This can often be a more cost-effective way of loving where you live too. You may also find that if you’re able to work on where you are now, you’ll add value, which gives you more money to move with at some point in the future should you choose. So let’s see how you can do that.
How did you spend your time when you were a child? Did you play in the garden, climb trees, build sandcastles at the beach, read books, and let your imagination create worlds of magic and intrigue when you were playing with your toys?

Now, the next question; how does your child spend their time? Is it by doing the same kinds of eternal activities described above, or do they spend a large chunk of their time (if not all of it) glued to a screen, either watching TV, Googling the best mattresses of 2018, or immersed in video games?

The question may seem a bit irrelevant at first, but rest assured; there are some very good reasons why you should consider taking a more low-tech approach to parenting.


"Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a good daddy."

Who we are right now is because of our parents. They are the ones that help shape our future. And of the most critical influence in our childhood was a father.  While any man can father a child, but there is a more important role of being a father in a child’s life. A father is someone who would teach us the game of life and how to play it right.

But not all dads share the same parenting style and even personalities. Studies show that modern dads can be categorized into three namely a Provider, Super-Sub/Proud and Career/Workaholic dad. Despite the differences, we know the fact that a father will do everything for the sake of his family. Just like my husband, who chose to work overseas to provide excellent education, food and the things his daughter needs. His sacrifice trading loneliness working far abroad in the hope of bringing a brighter future to our family is the most selfless decision he ever made.  I know how unmeasurable those tears of sadness he's hiding behind those smiles we see as we talk through video chat. A father can be far from perfect, but as a parent, he'll do many things for the sake of his child.


When we think about changing our eating habits, we usually think of the foods that we should eat less of or avoid completely, like processed meats and artificial sweeteners. What most of us don’t realize is that it is equally important to consider what we should eat more of to get the nutrients we need.

One such food that should be included in a healthy diet is the cashew nut. In the old days, the fruit was given more importance over the nut. The juice was consumed both as medicine and beverage, while the flesh and oil were used for various cooking purposes. Indeed, in Brazil where the plant originated, cashew fruit juice is highly popular and more people prefer eating the “apple” to the nut.


Color is a wonderful thing. It influences our moods, brightens up space, and ultimately makes life far more visually interesting. Without color, we’d all be forced to live in a monotone world with little interest or intrigue— with color, the world is a stunning tapestry of different shades and tones, all weaving together to create a truly stunning home.

Most of us appreciate color, but it’s interesting to note that we focus on a select number of colors and shades. As demonstrated by this handy chart on htmlcolorcodes.com, there are literally thousands of different colors and shades… but we don’t use them. Instead, most of us stick to a standard color palette, especially when it comes to our home decor and design.


Mindfulness: it is not just a buzzword or a trend to be dabbled in. It is something that we as adults should be aiming to have a skill, and pass down to our children too. Before we look at how we can instill mindfulness in our children (and whole family), let’s look at what mindfulness is.

“a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

First things first:

In order to teach something like mindfulness, we need to have our practices in place. How do you do it? Do you meditate? Do you have an inner monologue of sayings that help you stay in that space? Whatever it is, you have to be doing it too. If not, there is no better time to start. Set a goal to begin meditating for at least 3 minutes a day – you can use an app to help you if you want, then up your time when you get more and more comfortable with it.

Think about why you are doing this? If you are finding that you are setting expectations, then perhaps you need to reconsider. Anything other than for your child to learn to process thoughts and feelings with a sense of confidence then stop.


As we age, we become much wiser, more confident, and inevitably a lot more experienced, but there is another aspect of aging no woman on this planet loves. This aspect involves wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and other similar nerve-racking issues, but you don’t have to worry at all because there are ways to deal with them successfully. Here are ten amazing cosmetic treatments every 30-something woman should consider, so check them out and find (at least) one just for yourself!
Camping is one of the best experiences any adventure-loving person could ever have. And the fact that it offers a temporary escape from the hustles and bustles of ordinary life makes it a favorite activity for just about anybody. But amidst all the thrill and magic it offers, camping has its pitfalls too and depending on the nature and severity of some, you could end up in a life-threatening situation. A case in point is if you were to be attacked by a savage venomous snake in the dead of the night but then you realize you are out of the gas lighter.

Fighting a snake in darkness could pass as one of a camper’s worst nightmares. In order to avert such unpleasant situations, every camper must see to it that they carry with them some great portable camping gadgets that do not only ensure their safety but also add much luxury and comfort to their camping. The following are some of these.

Bluetooth Speaker – Sometimes the silence of the wilderness may get so loud that it breeds boredom and loneliness. At such times, a taste of your favorite music could help banish the loneliness and invigorate your spirits. A Bluetooth speaker is especially preferred in such situations. By virtue of its wireless connectivity, you could use the speaker to play your favorite music as you attend to some chores around the campsite. One Bluetooth speaker we would mention here is the UE MEGABOOM. Apart from offering a 360-degrees sound that features deep bass, this speaker is powerful enough to support a range of 100 feet. Even better, it has a powerful battery that can serve you for about 20-hours before you can think of recharging it.