If you're wondering when it'll be safe to date again - and how to do it without increasing your risk for COVID-19 - you're not alone. Via social media posts and actual conversations with friends and loved ones, common queries concerning dating during the pandemic are:

  • "Do we need to get tested before the masks come off?"
  • "Will I ever be able to impress my date with my cooking skills or do we need to keep all dates outdoors?
  • "Is it possible to still meet people in bars or should I just trust online dating or ask professional matchmakersto search for me?"

Like the other aspects of life in the middle of a pandemic, safety is a concern when it comes to dating. If only dating apps can also assess potential partners by their efforts to keep safe during COVID-19. Until that happens, it's important to practice safe dating yourself first.

So what's the first step to take? Just like the dating days before COVID-19, open and honest communication matters.


It's reasonable and certainly undeniable: the pandemic affected your diet. For some, it meant turning away their favorite junk food and nourishing their body to improve their immune system. For others, however, it meant exploring all the sweets and delicacies they can have delivered to their home. It won't be surprising at all if you equipped your kitchen with the latest appliances and you now run it like a gourmet chef. Food is a quick remedy to managing the many stress triggers you encounter daily since the outbreak. The problem is that you may be unconsciously topping all your problems off with a dental emergency that you can neither afford to have nor want to experience.

The solution? Be mindful of food choices that are detrimental to your dental health. You don't have to change your diet all at once. If you're already eating healthy, you will still want to know if you've fallen for the pitfalls that result in gum disease, teeth stains, and other oral issues. As they say, prevention is better than intervention.


Different body types require different types of body shapes. As shapewear pieces help to define your body, you should choose them based on compression area, size, and flexibility. The collection of Shapellx shapewear pieces take care of individual demands and fit in various body types.

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Despite your best efforts, you will encounter a few days when you do not feel yourself in front of the public. Your fashion style might be missing something. Your hair might not be in good shape and condition. The weather might be hot enough for you to regret wearing shirts or dresses that expose your sweat. You will have bad days, but you might suffer from unfortunate timing.

A meeting with an important client or seeing someone from your past could ruin your confidence and expose you to unwanted criticism, so you will have to take grooming habits seriously. It will be challenging to stay classy when you present yourself to the public, but adding these activities to your daily routine will help your quest:



The global pandemic has led many businesses to shut down, cutting out our access to basic services such as dental clinics. Without a doctor's guidance, a lot of people are falling into poor habits while in self-isolation. These include lack of exercise, poor hygiene, and increased carb intake.

Although a dental check-up is not on the list of your family's priorities, poor health practices can lead to serious complications, such as a painful toothache and other oral health problems. Maintaining good health during a pandemic means not only reducing the risk of acquiring the virus, but you should also take the right measures to maintain healthy teeth.

As dental clinics slowly resume their operations, chances are, you will encounter a few delays when requesting a dental check-up. So while waiting for that appointment, why not incorporate a few dental care practices into your routine?

Read below and discover the best dental care practices to safeguard you against COVID-19.



No romantic relationship is always a bed of roses. People have different opinions, priorities, and beliefs, which is why experiencing negative emotions is unavoidable. However, there are many ways to manage those negative emotions with success. Here are four useful tips on how to do it, so check them out and improve your relationship with your partner!



Juggling with obligations at work and home can take a toll on your mind and body. This especially happens for working mums. Most of them find it difficult to have a healthy balance between work and play. In fact, most mothers, especially those who have full-time jobs, struggle to have time to relax, have fun or enjoy their me-time. If you can relate to this, you probably often feel tired and exhausted. However, like everyone else, you may believe that seeing your family, especially your kids, happy will always be enough to relieve your stress and exhaustion. Indeed, this can be true at times; however, there are moments when you also need to perform activities that will help you deal with the challenges of becoming a working parent.

You need to remind yourself that you need to prioritize your health above all else. Remember, you can't expect yourself to give your 100% effort in performing your tasks as a mum and as a career woman if you don't have enough energy for it. Thus, you need to ensure that you find time to practice self-care habits. This means, even if you are too busy with all your responsibilities, you also have an obligation to sustain your personal needs. This includes ensuring that your physical, mental, and emotional health remains strong and excellent.

Choosing a vacation destination that will keep younglings, teens and adults entertained can be a hard task, but the U.S. is home to many of such family-friendly cities. The following spots have everything a family might want from theme parks to museums and natural beauties. From all 50 states, here are the top five cities that stand out as the ultimate family vacation spots.



Human hair extensions are just as it looks like. They are made of actual, human hair from top to bottom, harvested from a donor. Remy hair ensures that all cuticles are healthy, heading in the same direction at the time of selection. Before getting the hair extension done, here are some important things you need to consider before you go for hair extensions.


Filipino parents are among the most loving and supportive parents in the world. However, they can also among the most toxic parents with some cultural things that are quite common to Filipinos no matter where they are.


Raising kids is hard enough; parenting in a cross-cultural setting makes it even harder. That is why most Filipino parents default to the traditional Filipino parenting ways because that is their comfort zone. However, not everything that Filipino parents do is helpful and relevant these days.


There are some things that we can improve and perhaps even do away with, even if it is already part of the Filipino culture. After all, not everything cultural and traditional is beneficial in the long run.


Did you know there are several different types of window screen material that you can use in your home or other space? While fiberglass is a very popular and versatile option, there are other screen materials that are used for specific purposes like insect prevention, glare and heat reduction, and rust resistance. When shopping for screen material for existing window screens or ones you plan to build for the first time, you may not feel sure as to which type to choose. There are many different factors that go into choosing screen material. What is great for one room may not be the case for another. You may need a specific type of screen to use in your company office that isn’t needed in your home. To make your buying decision easier, we’ve rounded up the most significant characteristics of different kinds of window screen material. Use this as a quick reference guide during your shopping process.


Research indicates that female teens are more likely to develop mental health disorders than their male counterparts. According to one study, 71 percent of antidepressant medications prescribed to teen patients are for girls. Rates of self-harm are increasing among teenaged girls, going up from slightly above 10 percent to over 16 percent in the span of three years. Meanwhile the rate for male teenagers remains below 5 percent.

As a mother, you should be aware of the mental health of your teenaged daughters.

But what are the most common types of mental health disorders among teen girls and a short guide on how you can be there for them.

  1. Eating Disorders

Body image issues are distressingly prevalent among women. One survey revealed that 97 percent of all women have at least one negative thought about their body every day. Media and culture have ingrained unattainable body standards in everyone, but especially among women. The urge to become thinner or fitter can manifest as switching to low-carb pasta, but it can also lead to developing eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia. Without effective treatment plans for bulimia and anorexia, these disorders could do serious damage to your daughter's health.

Signs of an eating disorder are varied, but some of the most salient include:

  • Intentional vomit inducement or purging, whether through oral stimulation, diarrheic substances or emetics.
  • Rapid weight loss without noticeable effort like exercise
  • Signs of malnutrition like anemic appearance, hair loss and constant exhaustion

Eating disorders are among the most serious mental health issues that teen girls contend with and if you suspect your daughter is experiencing one, you must seek professional help as soon as possible.

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety is a mood disorder characterized by a feeling of dread or unease. Before adolescence, girls and boys have the same odds of developing anxiety disorders. But after puberty, teen girls develop anxiety at roughly the same levels as adult women, which is much higher than teen boys. Anxiety disorders are insidious, undermining the mental health of someone living with it in small but meaningful ways.

An anxiety disorder primarily manifests in the following ways, although there are other symptoms:

  • Constantly feeling restless and on the edge.
  • Easily getting tired due to prolonged restlessness.
  • Having trouble focusing on the task at hand.
  • Problems getting to sleep such as getting easily woken up or falling asleep, short sleep hours or feeling unsatisfied with sleep.

Take note that there are varying levels of anxiety that could plague your daughter, and they may present differently.

  1. Depression

Depression is different from being sad and you should never downplay its effects as just being down on the dumps. It's a serious mental condition that could lead to self-harm if left untreated or exacerbated. Unlike feeling sad over an event, depression is persistent and complicated by other emotions. Depression also differs from grief, which is sadness connected with fondly remembering a departed loved one.

There are multiple types of depression, but some of the most prevalent symptoms include the following:

  • Persistent negative emotions such as hopelessness, pessimism or feeling empty.
  • Enhanced emotions involving decreased self-wroth like guilt, feeling worthless or feeling helpless in the face of events.
  • Low energy throughout the day, manifesting as fatigue or slowed reaction time.
  • Erratic sleep cycle, including insomnia, working very early in the morning or even oversleeping.

Depression, like all mental health disorders, doesn't just go away on its own or can be banished by "positive thoughts." It requires professional help to overcome and could worsen if left untreated.

What Can You Do?

As a mother, you should rightfully be worried if your teenaged daughter exhibits any of the signs above. But what can you do that might help them? Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when you believe your teenaged daughter is experiencing a mental health problem.

  • Listen. One of the reasons teenaged girls might avoid discussing their problems with you is that they might not feel like you're listening to them. Make it clear that they can come to you for advice of help and never be dismissive.
  • Seek Professional Help. Your support and advice can only go so far when tackling your daughter's mental health issues. There is no substitute to professional help such as therapy and counselling. Seek the advice and assistance of a professional therapist for your daughter as soon as it’s feasible.
  • Study. As a parent, you should study up on how best to interact and take care of your daughter. Ask professionals for research and resources you can read that will help you understand what your daughter is going through and how best to help them.
  • Be Supportive. Never be dismissive of your daughter's feelings. If they tell you about how bad they're feeling, don't take it as an affront to your parenting. Focus on their needs and what they feel. As a parent, it’s your duty to provide a safe space for your children.

Being a teenager is already hard enough, but living through a mental health issue as a teen girl is even harder. These tips and information can help you guide your daughter through their issues and mold them into strong and happy adults.

**Image source: Pexels.com



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