Gift Ideas for the Golf-Lover

When it comes to getting gifts, it can be difficult to find something special for that person. You want to try to be personable, but sometimes it’s hard to find something they will like that is suited for them.

If you have someone that loves golf, here are a number of things you could get them that they’d probably love. These also make great Father’s Day gifts if your Dad likes to hit the links!

 Insulated Water Bottle
If you’ve never golfed yourself, one thing you never leave without is a bottle of water. Now, even if you bring a few plastic bottles, they are going to get warm really fast under the sun. there isn’t much shade on the course, so this is likely to happen fast.

A great gift idea for someone that loves golf is a quality water bottle that has good insulation. This will make sure that they stay hydrated while out on the course!

Subscription to a Golf Magazine
If you’re Dad loves to golf like mine, you’ve probably caught him practicing his swing and reading up on how to improve. Whether they do most of this research online or through books and magazines, this is a great opportunity for a great gift.

Getting your golf-loving friend a subscription to a golf magazine for the year is a great gift. It gives them information on the latest technologies and techniques, so they can stay up on what’s new and improve their game. It also connects them to information about courses, products, and anything else that’s about the world of golf.

If you have a boss that loves golf and a subscription is a bit pricey for what you’re planning on giving out, you can even get the latest issue!

Golf Membership
If you’re looking to really surprise someone, you can even get them a round of golf on you, or buy them a membership for the year. If they love going, this is a great way to get them something they’ll love to do, helping to get them out doing something they enjoy. If you want to do something together, you can even get a pair of rounds so that you can take your friend out golfing for the day!

A great place to go in Southern Ontario is Beacon Hall. If you want more information about the tee times and courses, check them out at www.beaconhall.com.

Sun Protection
Another great accessory for any golfer is something to block the sun, especially their eyes. Otherwise, they could miss the most important shot! Consider gifting a pair of sunglasses or a hat to keep the sun out of their eyes while out golfing! These are both great ideas that can be affordable and reasonable for a range of gift options.

I know it’s hard to buy for people, especially people that you may not share interests with or who may not have a lot of hobbies. By finding something they enjoy - like golf - you can pick gifts that work for them. Although not all of these are traditional golf gifts, they make for great ways of showing someone who loves golf that you love them!

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