How to Make Your Home Fresher

When you get home after a long day, you want you home to be as inviting as possible. There is nothing worse than opening the door only to be greeted by stuffiness and air that is anything but fresh! There is plenty you can do beyond cracking open a couple of windows, so let’s take a closer look at how you can give your home that burst of freshness that you are looking for.

Clean Out the Garbage Disposal and Wash Your Bins
If there is a lingering bad smell in your house that never seems to disappear, it may be time to clean out your garbage disposal. First, try putting a small amount of scented liquid down the disposal and running some water down there. Another option is to run some lemon or lime rinds down there followed by plenty of water. For a deeper clean, you could try some baking soda and hot water. Don’t forget that also you need to clean your bins out from time to time, making sure you give them a good scrub to clear away any lingering bad smells.

Take Steps to Reduce Excess Moisture

Too much moisture in the air can lead to it feeling heavy, and it can also result in serious home issues like moisture and mold. Basements tend to be an area where moisture gathers, so you could consider getting a dehumidifier for this room - read everything about it here for more information. You can also get rid of dampness in the home by heating it for a short time and opening the doors and windows to get rid of the moist air. If you are drying clothes indoors, make sure the room is well-ventilated afterward.

Bring in Some Houseplants
Bring the garden inside by getting a few houseplants which have a whole host of benefits for your home. First and foremost, they help to clean the air while also providing something beautiful to look at. Many also have the advantage of giving off some pleasant fragrances in your house. Plants have also been linked with helping to reduce stress and creating a general sense of wellbeing. Some good options include geraniums, eucalyptus, and orchids.

Place Candles in Good Areas

Candles are an obvious way to give your home a sweet-smelling burst of fragrance. But rather than just dotting them about anywhere, you should choose some places where you know they will provide a pleasant surprise. Pick some places which are well-contained so you can enjoy the smells without lighting them. A linen closet is a good option, while inside your bathroom is a definite.

Do Some Baking
If you have some guests over and you want to impress them, there is nothing like the aroma of some warm baked goods. Bread is one of the best choices, but cookies are certainly a close second! If you don’t have time to do this, only putting on a fresh pot of coffee can give off the scent you are looking for.

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