How To Always Be The Mom Who Looks Great

Being a mom is hard, but being an individual whilst also being a mom is even more difficult. Many moms focus so hard on being a good mother to their kids that they neglect themselves. It’s important that you retain your individuality and set aside a little time in the day to just be you. Fashion and beauty come into that. If you want to be the mom who looks great even though she’s running all over the place looking after her little ones then here are some top tips.

Moms are very busy, and taking the time to fuss over makeup, accessorizing, or other beauty techniques are something you just don’t have time for. You’re not a teenager anymore, you’ll tell yourself, and you have more grown-up things to worry about. It’s time to stop making excuses because there’s no reason as to why you can’t be a caring and devoted mother whilst also finding the time each morning to make yourself look as pretty as you’d like to look. 5 minutes is all it takes to make yourself look good, even if it took you 50 back in high school. Apply foundation with a brush, put on a light coat of mascara, and use lip balm along with a nude lipstick as you’re walking out the door. All of this can be done whilst your kids get ready for school.

Fashion is always changing, and it’s exhausting. You think you’ve mastered the latest trend, but then your kid tells you that you’re embarrassing them by wearing an outfit that hasn’t been cool for a year. This is why you should avoid trying to be trendy when picking out clothing. The key to pulling off any look, no matter how old you get concerning appearance or regarding “losing touch” with the times, is to not overthink it. Sometimes simplicity is the best way forward.

You could browse through some online stores and check out options such as Alfred Dunner clothes for the type of clothing that doesn’t look like dull, shapeless “mom-wear” and yet doesn’t go out of style. Minimalistic fashion is always a good option for any mom because you’re going for an understated style which doesn’t draw too much focus or attention (no embarrassed children to worry about), doesn’t look out-of-date, and somehow doesn’t look ugly. Always go for the timeless look if in doubt. Don’t try out jeggings if it feels wrong.

Mastering a great haircut is something that most people struggle with. When you finally have a good hair day (or a good hair week), the moment is fleeting because you’ll lose that perfect look as soon as it grows longer again. It might be time to head to the stylist for an expert opinion because many of us only don’t know which kind of hairstyle would best suit our face, fashion sense, and perhaps even our personalities. A good stylist will know these things, and the right haircut will turn you from the mom who tries too hard to the mom who looks effortlessly beautiful.

Be yourself.
The best way to look good as a mom is to dress, accessorize, and beautify yourself in a way which suits your personality and tastes. People can tell when you’re uncomfortable, and it’s just not worth it. Beauty and fashion should be fun; you should enjoy dressing the way you want to dress or putting on a spot of makeup as a mom because you’re still your own person. Find your personal style, and stick to your guns. If you want to switch things up, then do so, but make sure that it’s on your terms.

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