Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement: For Healthy and Active Kids

Do you monitor your kid's diet? Do you give him/her a proper balance diet? Are you sure you're giving him/her the right amount of nutrients he/she needs? 

For busy moms, sometimes we don't have much time to cook a balanced meal and tend to give our children a ready-to-cook meal, processed foods, fast foods or any convenience food which will not take much of our time preparing. Sometimes our child could be picky and doesn't want to eat vegetables or fruits. That's why pediatricians and doctors recommend that our children should also take multivitamins/supplements.

I am sometimes having a hard time when it comes to feeding my daughter. When I started giving her Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement, I saw a significant improvement on her weight. She's now eating very well ('maganang kumain') and very active at school. It helps boost her immune system, so she rarely got sick. Nutri10 Plus is packed with Zinc (helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses), Taurine (an amino acid that supports neurological development), Lysine (boost kid's appetite) and CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) which promotes growth. It's in Ponkan flavor which is, by the way, one of the reasons why my daughter loves it.

A healthy diet is one of my priority for my daughter, but I might as well continue giving her Nutri10 Plus to avoid nutritional gaps and make sure my daughter is healthy and active. 

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**Nutri10 Plus is available in 120ml (160Php) and 250ml (290Php).

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