Surprising Tips For Moms To Ensure Their Kids Avoid Getting Ill!

The two most common illnesses that kids suffer from are the common cold and stomach bugs. These both can spread like wildfire and will soon see their siblings, and you and your other half is suffering from the disease too. It’s hard to prevent your little one from picking up the illnesses at school and when you are all out and about. But there are some things you can be doing to try and prevent your child from getting ill this year. Here are some surprising tips for moms to ensure their kids avoid illness.

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Wrap them up warm during winter
The average child in the US gets a cold at least six times a year. They can quickly pick up one at school or when they go out during winter. One tip to ensure they avoid it is to wrap them up warm during winter. That way, it will stop them getting a chill which can soon lead to a full-on cold. You should ensure they have several layers that they can remove if they get too hot. It’s also important that they have a good wooly hat, a cozy scarf, and some thick gloves during colder months. It will ensure their body keeps the right temperature, and they won’t end up getting ill. Having gloves on will also stop them from touching germs while they are out which could lead them to get sick. Remember to let them have a cozy blanket for their bed in colder months. That way, they will keep warm and comfortable and keep colds away.

Keep the house the right heat
It’s often down to the house temperature being too low why kids get the flu. Therefore, you need to ensure the home is the right temperature so that your whole family stays warm during the winter months. You should put the temperature on 18-21ÂșC throughout the winter months. You can alter it as necessary if it gets too hot in the home. After all, it doesn’t need to be on too high when you are in bed. Putting an electric fire on in your living room will also keep your home warm during colder months. To be extra safe, you should get a temperature gauge for your child’s room to ensure it stays the right heat for your child. Also, remember to provide any cracks in your home are dealt with ASAP so that the hot air isn’t escaping from your home.

Be careful when cooking
You can also avoid your kids getting ill by ensuring you are preparing food correctly. Otherwise, they could end up with a bad stomach which could be down to food poisoning. Unfortunately, food poisoning affects over one million people in the US every year. They are most likely to be sick and have diarrhea if they have food poisoning, rather than a viral stomach bug. To keep them well, you should always check the meat is thoroughly cooked before serving. Check inside meat to ensure it’s fully cooked inside and out, and put it back in the oven if it needs extra time. You should also ensure food has been kept at the right temperature of 3-5°C. Also, if you are going to use leftovers, make sure you defrost it correctly. These will all ensure your family doesn’t end up with severe food poisoning.

Choose healthy food choices
It’s so important that your children eat a healthy diet every day if you want them to avoid illness. It can build up their immune system and ensure it has enough fuel to work correctly. You should make sure they are eating healthy foods full of vitamin C such as orange and tomatoes which all work to keep the body well-nourished. Add these to their lunch boxes so they have enough every day. Junk food needs to be avoided at all costs if you want to keep your little one healthy. Foods full of sugar have been proven to decrease immune response, meaning they are more likely to pick up stomach bugs and the common cold. It can also cause your child to put on excess weight which will see them getting ill.

Always keep on top of recalls
You will be surprised to know how many families don’t know they have products in their home which have been recalled back to stores. It could be making your child sick or put them in danger if it’s used. Therefore, you need to ensure you are checking online for recalls and outbreaks to ensure your family stays safe and well. You don’t want a food item in your home which could potentially make your kids sick if they consume it. When you go to the grocer, they should have signs which will tell you if anything needs to be returned.

Ensure they exercise regularly
It’s so important to keep your little ones moving throughout the day. It strengthens their muscles and ensures they stay fighting fit. Also, studies have found that regular exercise can reduce the number of cold and flu episode by 25-50%. Therefore, it’s so important to get them doing some form of exercise every day. You should turn off technical devices and head out for a walk or play in the garden together. Another way to ensure they exercise is by signing them up for a class. Ask them if they fancy trying out gymnastics or judo, which are both great to keep them fit and healthy! It will also help them to maintain a healthy weight which is vital for their future.

Look into supplements and vitamins
It would be a good idea to give your kids some supplements and multivitamins to ensure they stay healthy. They can give their immune system a boost so that they avoid getting ill. It is especially good for kids who suffer from digestive problems and asthma. Also, if your child is a picky eater, it can ensure they are still getting a nutritional diet. You can find many supplements and vitamins which are great for kids. I talked about one here which is packed with zinc and taurine.

Keep on top of injections
Moms can also ensure their kids don’t get ill by providing your child has been for their latest injections. It’s easy to forget to book them in when you are busy in your home life. But ensuring they are immunized is so important to keep them well and healthy. A flu vaccine which is recommended for everyone over six months old can stop them from getting the flu during the winter months. Try and get your child booked in during fall so that they are protected during winter and spring!

Ensure they wash their hands regularly
The most common way germs are passed by hand. If any bacteria has been left on your kid's hand after they have been to the toilet, they could soon find themselves getting ill. Therefore, it’s so important to encourage them to wash their hands after using the restroom. Lead by example and show them how you do it after going to the toilet. They should also wash their hands before eating to ensure they stay healthy. If they hate washing their hands in the school toilets, it would be a good idea to ensure they have a hand sanitizer in their bag. That way, they can guarantee their hands are squeaky clean, and they are less likely to get ill.

Make sure they are getting enough sleep
When kids are tired, their immune system isn’t so healthy, and they will be more likely to be at risk of getting a cold or a stomach bug. Therefore, you need to ensure your child is having at least 10 hours of sleep a night. If they can’t sleep at night, it will be a good idea to figure out why. You might need to change their curtains to a blackout option to stop light creeping in. Or you may need to cut out a snack or particular drink from their diet. Make sure they have a strict bedtime routine, so there is no delay getting them to bed every night.

Allow sick day from school
It’s so important that you keep children from school when they are not well. If you send them in, they are likely to get worst. And as well as this, you will have several angry parents if the bug gets passed to their kids. Therefore, ensure your child stays off school until they are well enough to return. A lot of the time doctors will recommend three days off sick if they have had diarrhea or vomited.

Keep bedding clean
You should ensure you are cleaning all bedding at least every week. It will stop allergens which will cause your children to start experiencing flu-like symptoms. Washing them regularly will also ensure bed bugs are kept away from your kids. You can also hang them in direct sunlight which is useful for killing micro-organisms!

Remember to ensure your kid’s schedule isn't too busy. It might cause them to become run down, and they will be more prone to getting ill.

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