How Mobile Phone Monitoring Can Ensure a Better Digital Safety of Your kids

Teaching your kids to be good digital citizens is one fundamental aspect of contemporary parenting. There are many ways to achieve that and mobile phone monitoring is one of them.

Internet is an amazing place for learning, but like the real world we live in, it too can pose dangers and risks, if left to its own without precautions and safety measures. Providing free access to internet to kids can put their personal data and privacy at risk.

So before you opt for mobile monitoring apps, there are a few resources you should look at to achieve better results.

·    Stay engaged with your kids: Pay close attention to what your kids are doing online. If they want to use the internet, sit next to them. Appreciate their involvement in online communities and bolster confidence by taking their interests seriously. It’s important that you react constructively to an inappropriate situation. Have something for them to learn from it. For example, kids might usually come across explicit content online, so tell them to ignore it as it can be some scam that can put them in trouble.
Support their positive choices: give more digital space to your kids if they show a responsible online behavior. Expand their autonomy when you find it appropriate. Always stay close to what they are doing online. Following them on their social media accounts is the best way to evaluate their online activities.

Use the built-In protection features of software and websites: smartphones, applications, websites, etc., they all provide a few integrated services to manage your kid's online experience. For example, you can go for the approved sites that are safe for use and monitor how much time is spent on them. For apps like Facebook and Twitter, they have detailed privacy settings that can be used to limit people who can contact your kids. Privacy settings of websites and apps need to be reviewed. Smartphones, PlayStation, etc. have built-in parental controls that can also mediate your kids’ access to their phone.

Teach them to think critically: if you are teaching your kids how to identify safe websites and digital content, then there are good chances that you wouldn’t have to worry about them when away. They need to know what to post and what to download.

Raise good digital citizens: inculcate good digital etiquettes in your kids of respecting others’ privacy and personal information, and not to share anything about their friends or family that can be embarrassing or potentially damaging.

Use a mobile monitoring app: using XnSpy mobile phone monitoring software will ensure that kids are digitally protected in every possible way. xnspy.com is also a location tracking mobile phone app that parents can use to check their children’ offline safety. With this app, you can access calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history and Instant messenger chats (Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, iMessage and Kik). You can also track your kids’ real-time location with this app too. In short, this app is a complete arsenal for your kids’ online and offline safety.

Mobile phone monitoring together with other elements aforementioned will essentially provide the ancillary protection that your kids needs for their safe online experience.

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