Is It Safe To Decorate When Pregnant?

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All expectant parents want to create a beautiful nursery before their baby arrives. From choosing a theme to picking colors, it’s a task that adds to the excitement of your child’s birth. However, even though they are excited to get started, many women are anxious about decorating when pregnant. It’s no secret that some aspects of decorating can be hazardous to pregnant women. But with the right preparation beforehand, it doesn’t have to be a cause for concern. So if you’re nervous about decorating your home before your baby arrives, here are some tips that could make you feel more at ease.

Seek help from others
The first thing you need to do is to ask for help from other people. It can be tempting to want to do all the decorating yourself. But as your pregnancy progresses, you may find it more challenging and strenuous. So talk to your friends and family about decorating your baby’s room in advance and ask them to help you out. Choose a day in advance and let them do all the harder tasks for you. If this isn’t an option, consult with an interior painting or wallpaper company to assist you instead. You can still get involved with the process. Just remember to stick to minor tasks that don’t require any heavy lifting or stretching.

Research your paint
Paint is the primary reason why so many pregnant women feel anxious about painting and decorating. Some paints contain chemicals that can be harmful and toxic to your and your child. So before you go out and buy a pot, you need to do plenty of research into what paint is safe. Water-based paints are often the most attractive option recommended for expectant mothers to use. The VOC level on this type of paint is lower and less harmful to your unborn child. You can find them online or in most interior design stores in a variety of different colors. No matter how little the VOC level is, always ventilate the room and wear a face mask for additional protection.

Don’t use ladders
Ladders are vital when hanging wallpaper or installing ceiling mobiles. But they can also be a risk to pregnant women. Many women experience feelings of being unbalanced and light headed during their pregnancies. These effects are particularly common during the later stages when your bump is at it’s biggest size. This can easily lead to falls and fainting, which can be made more severe if you fall from a ladder. So rather than take the risk of a fall, remain firmly on the ground and wait for assistance. As well as not using a ladder, never try to gain height by standing on boxes or stools either.

Decorating while you're pregnant can be perfectly safe if you take the right precautions and act safely. Don’t push yourself to get too much done too quickly and accept help when it’s offered. That way you can prepare your baby’s new nursery without worrying about the consequences.

If you’re still unsure, make an appointment with your doctor for further information and guidance.

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