Give Your Living Room Design a Timeless Quality with These Tips

You don’t want your living room to look good for a couple of months or a year. You want it to look great for a long time to come. None of us has the time, money or energy to be redecorating the home with regularity. It’s something that’s simply not very realistic. So, here are some design tips that will help you to achieve that perfect timeless quality in your living room’s design.

Combine Simple Modern Items with Older Pieces
There is nothing wrong with added modern items to your living room. It’s all about making those modern items and touches blend in with the older pieces that you also have. For example, a modern sofa and some contemporary chairs can look magnificent when put in a living room with floorboards. The stripped floorboards give the room a classic and timeless feeling, while the sofa and chairs help to bring something fresh and new. It’s a big balancing act, but when you get it right it tends to create a very impressive effect, so give it a try. And if you want to strip the floorboards, go to www.littlehouseonthecorner.com.

Add Classy Lighting Fixtures
The lighting in your living room is massively important. If you get the right fixture in place, you make the whole room look attractive and complete. You can visit sites like www.quoizellightingsource.com to find good lighting fixtures. You will want to find something that doesn’t stand out for being fashionable and unusual. Instead, you should find a classy design that is simple yet effect. A beautiful hanging light made from a durable yet simple material is always good. And chandelier fixtures always offer that timeless quality you’ve been looking for.


Avoid Fads
There are so many trends and fads that you read about these days. But home design shouldn’t be dictated by what someone happens to say looks good at this time of the year. If you want your living room to look perfect, you should make decisions on what you love. If you think something looks good now, you should think about whether you still would in 5 years time. This is an excellent way to helping yourself move past the endless focus on fads and trends. They should be avoided at all costs because we all know that these fads disappear as quickly as they arrive.

Opt for Traditional Colours and Textures
There are some colours that simply look traditional and classy. They don’t go in or out of fashion, and that’s a rare thing. So, creams, whites, and some simple pastel colours can all look good in your living room. As long as it’s nothing over the top or audacious, you should be able to make it work. The best of these colours will make the room look like it’s always been in fashion and always will be. Then you should think about the textures. Strong woods like oak, some marble and copper can call look very good and timeless. But which you opt for will depend on what you’re looking to achieve.


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