Most Recommended Sleeping Position for Your Baby

When you become a parent for the first time, you are very excited but at the same time, a bit worried because you have now a big responsibility on your shoulders.

You are worried if you'll be able to grow your baby like the way you want. You start having hundreds of questions in your head, thinking what is the right way to do it.
You have questions about almost everything, starting from baby gear to room temperature.

One of the most common question you will ask yourself every night is about sleeping position. You will be worried if you put your baby to sleep in the best sleeping position.

With babies being so sensitive, the sleeping position can have a big impact on your baby's development process.

So, I am going to show you the Most Recommended Sleeping Position for Your Baby.

Most Recommended Sleeping Position for Your Baby
Sleep plays a major role in your baby's life. It helps him/her rest and develops the body and mind.

There are a lot of articles around the web suggesting you different sleeping positions for your baby, but the truth is that most of the pediatricians recommend you to put your child to sleep on their back until they are old enough to roll over on their own.

Also, you have to be prepared that as your baby grows older, he/she will begin to sleep in different sleeping positions.

Although the back position is the most recommended one, you cannot prevent your baby to sleep in other positions.

One of the main reasons why the back position is the most recommended one is because it can help to avoid loss of air to the baby, so he/she does sleep comfortably.

Some parents put their baby in the stomach and side sleeping positions, but these positions can be dangerous because your baby may have breathing difficulties and they may create a blockage of the airways.

Another reason why the back is the most recommended sleeping position is that it help reduce the chance of SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which usually happens when your baby is sleeping. Putting your little one in this position also reduces the instances of acid reflux, making the baby sleep better and safe.

But, you should always check with your physician and get some suggestions and specific instructions from him, no matter what age is your baby.

Another important role of your doctor is to check your child and tell you if he/she suffers from severe acid reflux and if you should put him/her in the back sleeping position.

After some months, as your baby gets older, she should be able to turn over on their own and will be able to change the sleeping positions on her own.

When your baby first begins to roll over and change sleeping positions, you should put him on his back again but not for a long time. Eventually, he will be old enough and will not need your help when he sleeps.

So, the best sleeping position for your baby is on his back until he becomes old enough to start moving and roll over on the bed.

Also, be aware by a lot of products out there which promise you to offer a comfortable sleep for your baby. The truth is that most of them are scams. Only you and your actions decide if your baby will do a comfortable and safe sleep.

If you want to monitor your baby all the time, to make sure he/she is sleeping, even when you are away or in the other room, you can buy a wifi baby monitor. A baby monitor will allow you to watch your baby where ever you are by seeing him/her live from your smartphone. Some monitors have a microphone, which will allow you to talk to your baby and put him back to sleep without going to his room. You can check out the list with the best wifi baby monitors on BabyMonitorLab and choose which one suits you better. 

So, in conclusion, the most recommended sleeping position for your baby, until he/she is old enough to choose the position by himself, is on his/her back. Putting your baby on his/her back will ensure that he/she is safe, will not suffocate from stomach sleeping and will do a very comfortable sleep.

Guest Post by Tina Smith

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