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Regardless of whether you are starting a new business or are currently already running a business, there will definitely be scenarios where you will seek extra funding for your business.

You might want to renovate your business, expand it or maybe you just want to upgrade your equipment, but to do so you might require extra funding.

A business loan can help you in growing your business further.  But, you need to know how you can avail a small business loan and which financing alternative is right for your business.

Most first entrepreneurs often struggle to raise capital to launch their business.  Small business loans are the go-to option for such scenarios. But, if you are going down this route, you need to ask yourself the following:


The working approach has changed with time and people these days no longer have to rely on a 9-5 job to make a living and build a successful career. There are many ways to earn a living like, creating your own company, selling  products and providing valuable services to customers from anywhere in the world.

There is no better time than now to start an e-commerce business and let us tell you, many people have already taken their side gig off the runway along with their regular job.

But, turning your e-commerce side gig into a real business is easier said than done. A blend of luck, strong promotional strategy and motivation is what you need to turn your dream into reality.

Apart from that, there are a number of tools, such as podcasts, blog posts, social media and other resources to help you create an e-commerce shop while you hold on to your day job. But, even with these tools, is it really possible for you to turn your side gig into a profitable and sustainable full-time business? Of course it is, but it’s definitely not a piece of cake!

In order to help you stay a step ahead in turning your side gig into real business, we have listed some tips and ideas that most successful entrepreneurs have taken in stride and made it work for them!


One of the steps in starting a business is registering for a tax ID number, known as an employer identification number or EIN. Although it is common practice for businesses to utilize this number, it is not always necessary. There are situations in which an individual might choose not to apply for an EIN.

Sole Proprietors and LLCs

The only two business entities that have the option to not get an EIN are sole proprietors and LLCs. Rather than using an EIN, business owners can use their personal social security number instead. The criteria in which a business would not need an EIN include:


Can you recognize these company/brand base on their logo? 

Even if the name of the brands were not shown in the picture above, I am sure that most of you can still recognize what these company logos represent. A logo signifies a visual entity that is meant to identify a company's name. It is a visible symbol that represents have that could help attract new customers. Wikipedia defines logo "as a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a logotype or wordmark. " It can be classified into three different types: textual, illustrated, symbolic. It can also be a combination of any of those three categories. All successful businesses have their logo, and you could probably see it anywhere. Companies like Coca-cola, Mcdonald's, Apple, just to name a few can quickly recognize only by their logo. Entrepreneurs and business owners (small or big) use logo to help brand their businesses. 

A logo is essential to a business and websites but is it that important? I've identified the most common reasons you need a logo here are a few of them:


ePerformax held a job fair during their 15th anniversary celebration, and applicants were hired on the spot to become the company’s newest batch of recruits
It has been 15 years since ePerformax started its journey here in the Philippines as one of the pioneer companies that helped the country grow its contact center and BPO industry. Since then, ePerformax has grown to be the best performing contact center for their clients and the best place to work for their employees. It has always been the company’s vision to maximize the potential of every employee by giving them rigorous training and enough room to grow their career in the direction they choose. Now, ePerformax is gearing up for the future of the industry with confidence it can help employees evolve to the next level – to handle the increasingly more complex customer interactions for ePerformax’s clients. “We have accomplished what we set out to accomplish in the last 15 years,” ePerformax President and CEO, Teresa Hartsaw said to employees and their families during the company’s 15th Anniversary Grand Family Carnival. “You are the ones making ePerformax possible.”
For the past decade, marketers have been focusing on hyper-local marketing because they recognize the importance of targeting customers by location. In fact, even Google has refined its results to respond to the rise in “near me” queries. 

But what is hyper-local targeting, how does this trend increase brand visibility and most importantly, how does it increase revenue potential? 

Hyper local targeting or local search marketing simply means advertising your business to potential customers within your geographical area. Marketing experts have seen the advantage of responding to the immediate needs of customers and this is especially doable if customer and business provider are within the same geographical location. 

This trend helps businesses push their brand locally increasing chances of online visibility through ripple effect. Ripple effect is when customers who come to a business “check in” on their social media account and recommend a business to their friends. Needless to say, this increases revenue potential for local businesses.