Top 5 Customizable Gifts

It is said that the best gifts come from the heart. While earnest gifts with invested effort are sure to be appreciated, you can make your gift to someone a hundred times better by getting a little creative and customizing it. When you tailor your gift to the personality/interests/date-of-birth/other personal characteristics, it has a much better chance of being fully appreciated by the person receiving it. Below, we have compiled a list of 5 customizable gift ideas that may come in handy.

1. A notepad
If you simply buy a notepad off the shelf, it may be appreciated but will probably not become the most memorable gift. But, if you get a customized notepad created just for that special person they’re guaranteed to love it. You can get it customized and personalized with their name or a message that will hold a special meaning for them. Either way - it’s your chance to show that you know the person you’re gifting the notepad to and have taken the time to create something that’s uniques and specially made for them. The basic function of a notepad is to house notes, but there are so many more uses that can be found with a bit of ingenuity. With the gift of a customized notepad, your friend/colleague/other acquaintance can open a space for drawing if they love to sketch, a space for calculations if they are more interested in exact sciences, a space for written art if they are a fan of literature or need somewhere to share their thoughts.

2. A map coaster set
A coaster is a special item that alcoholic drinks are placed onto. For example, beer coasters are usually flat and square or circular mats, though they also come in the cloth and custom variety. Modern technology and web stores allow us to design our own coasters, so if you are considering a gift set, you could pick images that mean something to the receiver. For instance, it may be photos of past events or maps of cities and places that the person previously visited. They will be a great conversation starter for many years and drinks to come.

3. Socks
Socks are often considered quite a plain and simple present, but they have so many upsides. For one thing, they are always in demand, given the tendency of other socks to wear out, get lost, lose their color, etc. Second of all, they are very visible indoors, so you can sometimes tell things about a person from their sock choice alone. Given these factors, designing a personalized pair of socks for someone can have the great effect of cheering them up, and if you go with something exotic (like the person’s face on the socks), they will attract plenty of interest from other people as well.

4. A family tree
Family trees are passed down from one generation to the next, so if you give such a gift, there is a good chance it will still be around in many decades or even a century. A smart strategy for designing such a tree is to mark all current members of the family, but leave plenty of room for the tree to branch out in new and unexpected directions.

5. A storybook
This choice requires a bit more work than the others, but it is usually worth it. You can write a story that will mean something to the receiving person (e.g. the tale of when you first met), illustrate it, and order a custom print for them to keep and cherish.

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  1. I like customizable gifts. The receiver will surely appreciate gifts that are well thought of.