Knowing Where Your Products Have Come From How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

If you want to live more sustainably, you can easily begin by looking at the products in your own home and shopping smarter. This means knowing where the products have come from and whether they are coming from a sustainable company that is working towards a better future for the environment. Here are a few ways in which you be shopping more sustainably - from food to beauty products, there are sustainable companies out there for everything.

Finding Companies

The best way to find sustainable companies is to do your research. Choosing to not shop in branded supermarkets is a great way to find more sustainable products. If you simply add sustainable or eco-friendly at the beginning of your search on Google, you will discover products that may be a much better choice for you and your family. Read the labels to see where items have come from; this is a big giveaway in knowing whether a product is sustainable.

Shop Local

Whenever you can, choosing to shop local is a much more sustainable choice. Choosing small, local businesses means you know that products haven’t come far, meaning they are more sustainable than fruit, veg or clothing that has travelled halfway around the world to be sold here. Visit local markets and be sure to ask where products have come from. Local businesses will be thankful for the custom and you will often find much better items when they have come directly from the source.

Choose Second Hand

Choosing to purchase second-hand products is another easy way to improve sustainability. Often, we throw away products that could be re-used. Even broken items can be made into something special in the hands of the right person. This also means doing your bit and recycling in the home. Second-hand doesn’t mean the product is any less good. Choose thrift stores over designer stores and you can find some amazing bargains! Facebook marketplace is another fantastic platform for finding all kinds of products and items from others that no longer need them. If you find a second-hand product that needs a little bit of love, the internet can help. There are how-to guides on everything from removing stains from furniture to fixing a bicycle.

Do Your Research

Understanding how companies make their products and who makes them can provide a lot of information regarding sustainability. For example, these extra virgin olive oil products come directly from Spain and are hand-picked. Look for brands that can trace the making of their products from start to finish, including using recyclable organic materials. Purchasing straight from the source can provide you with better tasting ingredients which are usually pure. Often, cheaper products can contain added ingredients that filter down the taste. Follow companies on Instagram; this can usually provide you with a wealth of knowledge on the sustainability of the company.

Knowing where your products are from can help a lot in living a more sustainable lifestyle. The above guide can help you in making better choices.  

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