5 Tips for a Family Vacation to Taipei

Taiwan is a great location for a family holiday. First of all, it is relatively underrated, and it is not overflowing with tourists at any given time, which tends to be a problem when visiting places in Europe, for example. Taiwan is a culture that holds family in high regard, especially children, and offers a lot of places for them, such as parks, playrooms, etc., especially in Taipei.

Talk quietly and carry a dictionary

Not every place on Earth is full of English speakers. The chances are that the younger Taiwanese generations might know a bit more of it, but in general you should be learning how to get by without it or with the least amount possible. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy things – you can always use the international language of trade, i.e. pointing your index finger at things and offering money for them. However, keep your voice down, as being loud is considered very rude in Taiwan. You will never hear the locals raising their voice, especially in the metro, which is a place where people like to take a nap in while commuting.

Don’t forget the zoo

You might think you have seen enough zoos in your life but do consider this one as an option. Taipei zoo is one of the largest in Asia and your kids are guaranteed to love it. It boasts 90 acres of wildlife and you can see flamingos, pandas, penguins, lions, and, of course, the inescapable elephants. You can get there quickly by using public transportation. Pre-schoolers can enter for free, while the adult ticket is around $2. Here’ a hint for the zoo visit: there is a shuttle you can take up the hill – that way you can keep going downhill on foot while checking out the zoo and ending up at the entrance!

Places to stay

Family stays are always tough to decide on. There are many options – you can find a place on Airbnb or look for a Taipei hotel that suits you best. Again, the location itself should not matter much as the public transportation is well connected. You can go from the cheaper options all the way to glamping at places like The Kaida Grand Hotel Taipei. The variety of choice is wide and the best part is that most places will be more than happy to accommodate kids.

Keep your hands to yourself – and keep the bills

Although very polite, the people of Taiwan are not likely to react well to an attempt of a hug or a kiss on the cheek. Even shaking hands is a custom that they are still getting to grips with. Personal space is not to be disturbed. Also, don’t try to make small talk to strangers, as it will likely surprise them and make them anxious, more than endearing. Oh, and a quick note – keep all your receipts while you’re there because, believe it or not, each of them is a ticket for the Taiwan lottery. The draw happens every two months and you could be among the winners, even if you are a foreigner!

Check out the night markets

The name is pretty self-explanatory – you walk around markets at night. The best part: it’s all about having awesome street food. Walking around and eating – what better way to get familiar with a culture? There are over 30 night markets in the greater Taipei area alone! If you are unsure which to visit, then know that the Michelin Food Guide put 24 Taipei night markets on their Bib Gourmand selection, recognizing the quality of the food they are serving. These are definitely interesting experiences that the entire family can take part in and have a lot of fun.

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