5 Factors That Influence The Price Of An Engagement Ring

The perfect engagement ring reflects the wearer’s personality. But antique engagement rings truly form a special connection. In fact, part of the charm of an antique engagement ring is its history. Many different countries, trends and periods are represented in different designs, and no two rings are the same. If you think an antique ring is a way to go, here are a few factors that affect the price of engagement rings.

1.    The Condition
Like most antiques, engagement rings are valuable when they’re in their original condition. Every alteration made on a ring detracts from its value.

For an untrained eye, it’s hard to tell if a ring is in its original condition or not. Make sure you examine the back and shoulders of the ring where you may spot signs of alterations.

If you can’t tell, a professional appraisal is the next option. You’ll find a large variety of antique diamond engagement rings sold at Kalmar Antiques. You may want to check them out to know more about authenticity of valuable items.

2.    The Hallmarks
When shopping for any kind of engagement ring, you need to look for hallmarks. These are the small stamps, usually found on the inside of the ring. Their purpose is to give you important information about the ring, like where it was made, the type of metal it’s made of, and even who made it and when.

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3.    The Time Period
The price of engagement rings is determined by demand, but when we look at antique rings, there are particular time periods that are popular today. Rings from the Edwardian and Art Deco periods tend to hold the highest value.

4.    The Filigree
The ring’s filigree refers to its intricate designs on the band. These are synonymous with antique engagement rings. The filigree is important since it gives a ring its uniqueness and can tell you how the ring was made. Take a close look at the filigree, and you’ll notice the design is imperfect or uneven. This means the ring was handmade, making it more valuable.

5.    The Diamond Cut
Today, the most popular engagement ring diamond cut is round brilliant. The oldest diamond cut you’ll come across in an antique ring is called a mine cut diamond. That’s because the diamonds were cut right at the mine, and there was no light other than for lamps. Therefore, these diamonds were cut to be brilliant under low lighting.

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During mine cut diamond times, the cutting tools weren’t as precise as todays. Cutters weren’t able to cut the stones to a fine point. Rather, they had a flat surface on the bottom of the diamond, and this is called a cutlet. You can see the cutlet when you look at the top of the diamond. It looks like a hole in the middle of the stone. Having an original stone increases a ring’s value.

These are just 5 factors that influence the price of an engagement ring. You’ll also need to consider the type of metal, the size of the stone and the overall design.

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