The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

There are many benefits to outdoor learning; so many in fact, that it might surprise you. It’s a broad term, but in most prep schools it essentially involves exploration of the natural world, experimenting, going on adventures and discovering new things that cannot be found indoors.

Not all young people are lucky enough to have their own garden, so the availability of outdoor learning at school gives them the opportunity to play outside and get some fresh air and exercise in a safe and controlled environment.  Children often have too much exposure to smartphones, tablets and other digital devices, which might actually lead to both physical and psychological issues. As well as supporting the school curriculum, outdoor learning can also involve activities such as:
  • Discovering wildlife and plants in the forest
  • Hiking up a mountain
  • Paddling a raft across a lake
  • Archery, rock climbing, canoeing and other sport

With such a range of available activities, outdoor learning helps people of all ages, not just young children. It also benefits people with different backgrounds and abilities, allowing each and every one of us to reflect on our own lives whilst also learning about others and the environment as a whole. What’s more, the great outdoors can help us make long lasting memories.

In fact, research has shown that consistent exposure to the outdoors reduces stress and anxiety and generally boosts people’s moods. Fresh air, exercise and vitamin D are all requirements for a healthy body and a healthy mind. With that in mind, try and get yourself and your family out and about as much as possible.

With so many benefits if outdoor learning, there’s no wonder that so many schools are trying to incorporate it into their lessons. The change in scenery from the usual classroom setting is sure to motivate children and offer them new challenges to overcome and learn from.

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