Warning! Your Home Could Literally Be Leaking Money This Winter

Houses are an enormous financial investment, but they tend to pay off in the long-term. This doesn’t mean that you won’t come across financial issues as a direct result of owning a house. As a matter of fact, it’s common for your home to drain your finances in a variety of ways - especially during the winter months.

Yes, as the title alludes to, your home might be leaking money this winter. Primarily, this comes from wasting energy in the home. As the cold weather comes, the demand for a warmer house rises. This tends to lead to problems where 
your energy bill skyrockets and you waste so much unnecessary money. So, the points below will show you how to plug any gaps and prevent your home from leaking cash.

Stop heat from escaping through your roof
Heat rises, which means most heat in the home is lost through your roof. It rises up and escapes through tiny gaps - or isn’t kept inside because your roofing insulation is so poor. As a result, it pays to get a professional roofing company to survey your roof. They’ll look for any tiny cracks and holes that allow heat to escape, and can even provide repairs or installations to make your roofing more energy efficient. Now, you can lock all the heat inside your home and stop it escaping. This lessens the demand on your central heating system, meaning you don’t spend as much money trying to keep your home warm.

Fit some winter curtains
Another way for heat to leave your home is through the windows. There could be slight gaps that it can get through, and even a window upgrade won’t help that much. Instead, you should get your hands on some thick winter curtains to install during the colder months. They can stay in the attic or storage closes during the year, then fit them when it gets cold. It’s not hard to change out curtains/blinds, and they will be thick enough to trap heat in a room. To test the effect, leave your curtains wide open and see how you feel. Then, close them, and you’ll instantly feel much warmer. Another gap is plugged, and you don’t need to put your heating on full blast to stay warm.

Install some draft stoppers
Next, we have your doors. Every room has a door, and each door has a tiny gap around it where heat can escape. Not only that, but drafts can blow through these gaps, making you feel colder. The great thing is, you can get draft stoppers that will cover these gaps and prevent any cold air from blowing through. They also keep heat in the room, which makes it feel toastier. This goes a very long way to keeping your house at a nice temperature without needing to call upon your heating to work overtime.

In summary, your home could literally be leaking money as it leaks heat and increases the demand on your heating system. Most people end up turning their heating up, which sends energy bills through to outer space. To prevent astronomical bills this winter, use my ideas to trap heat in your home and lower the demand on your central heating.

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