TMS Health Solutions' Innovative Therapy Leading In Mental Health

TMS Health Solutions is dedicated to fighting mental health disorders. The innovative therapy has one goal: to fight mental diseases when traditional therapy does not work. There are far too many patients who don't feel significantly better after years of psychotherapy and medication. Mental diseases are just as serious as physical ones, and it is time medicine and science prioritize curing these paralyzing conditions. There are several steps in the process of getting better.

It is very hard for one person alone to know what the problem is. Many people go a long time with a mental health issue without even realizing it. It is common that people first notice something isn't right when someone around them mentions that they are passive and isolated. Because of this, patients who seek help have suffered for too long already. The anxiety is often the reason why people who suffer stay in their homes a lot and struggle to tell someone about their problems. The isolation only makes the disease worse. TMS Health Solutions use innovative therapy so that when you finally seek help, the time it takes to get back to your normal self, is as short as possible.

Clinical depression is a wide-spread disease, and as much as 14% of the population are victims of it at one or more point in their life. The real number is probably much higher, because, as mentioned above, it is hard for one person alone to identify the problem. Clinical depression is also called major depression disorder (MDD), and it usually comes with anxiety. These two health issues are closely tied together, and it is important that health professionals try to find out which one started first. The professionals at TMS Health Solutions find the root of the problem, and in this way treats the cause, and not only the symptoms. This is in contrast to anti-depressant medication, which many feel they are resistant to. 

At TMS Health Solutions facilities, patients are offered different ways of treatment. One of them is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This is a treatment with magnets that only affect the part of the brain that controls mood. It has no known side-effects and is not invasive in the everyday life of the patient. Treatment is frequent and can be done during a normal work week, There is no preparation or recovery time. Sessions last 30 minutes or an hour and take place several times a week. The common treatment plan stretches from eight to twelve weeks, but this must be decided through conversations between patient and professionals at TMS Health Solutions.

At TMS patients get a full-circle help. The clinic partners with the patients' psychiatrists and their primary caregivers. After treatment is completed, there is a follow-up to be sure that the patient state is stably improved, and makes it easy for him or her to come back if there is any doubt the issue is reappearing. Thankfully, the current era is one where mental health disorders are seen and given priority, and through this, there are better and long-lasting solutions.

The psychiatrists at TMS Health Solutions offer session over video conference calls. This is very beneficial to patients who find themselves in such a state that they need to stay home. This is also a functional method of keeping up frequent sessions if the patient doesn't have time to go back and forth between work and the clinic, or the patient is traveling. It is very important that sessions are in a stable routine, and not interrupted by long breaks. That is why video conference sessions is a great tool for when the patient has a difficult schedule to get around.

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