The Do's And Don't's Of Your Kitchen Remodel

It’s really hard to watch those TV shows with huge renovations without drooling over the beautiful kitchens. Large middle islands that have built-in stove tops. Beautiful vinyl flooring that is pale in colour to light up the room. Double kitchen sinks with garbage disposals installed for maximum cleanup. You name it, those gorgeous kitchens seem to have it all and you want one  for yourself. You long for the day that you can finally customize your cooking space, and it’s not until that day arrives that you realise just how huge this task really is. The unknowns are many and you’re just getting started.

Do you know that feeling you get when you finally start clearing something you’ve been putting off? That “why did I start this” feeling? That’s what a kitchen renovation can feel like. The only difference is that the end result is so much better. There are a lot of rules that surround a kitchen renovation and the very first thing that you have to know is what you’re doing it for: a way to give your home value? A way to upgrade for more space? Simply to stop your kitchen from becoming more run down than it already is? Whatever your reasons, there are do’s and don’ts that can make a big difference to the way that you do things. You can consider these your framework for your planning of your kitchen remodel and you can design a kitchen space that’ll be more than just functional, it’ll look fantastic.

Do: Think About Your Use Of Your Kitchen
There’s always grand ideas about the kitchen remodel in your mind. The professional appliances and countertops crafted from granite and the huge island in the middle with the hidden wine cooler. It’s a great vision to have, it’s just that these aren’t the only things that make for an exciting and beautiful kitchen. You have to strip it from the ground up and get back to the bare minimum kitchen before you can build in something beautiful. This includes bringing in an electrician for any rewiring, hire a drainage specialist to clear out the drains and introducing someone to check the pipes. It’s all about knowing how you can use the kitchen and arranging everything - from pipes and wiring to cupboards and appliances - to suit your family.

Don’t: Forget Your Budget
The average kitchen remodel can range from a few thousand dollars to the very expensive, and so you need to know that you’re spending all your money as wisely as possible. Misusing your budget is only going to hurt your back pocket in the end. Staying organized by writing a must-have list and a wish list is important. Making the must-have items that are essentials happen first in your budget can make a big difference to your remodel. Having lists will also give you a good way to make your remodel more affordable, especially if your dreams are bigger than your wallet.

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Do: Pay Attention To The Layout
Your size and shape of your kitchen is a crucial part of your remodel. It’s also one of the things that are overlooked in a kitchen renovation. You shouldn’t buy new double-door refrigerators until you have the countertops fitted, otherwise your space won’t function the way that it’s supposed to function. It can really help to draw a kitchen up before you get started, and this works if you have a contractor to draw a blueprint of your kitchen first. Don’t commit to any purchases until you’ve got your layout sussed.

Don’t: Forget The Storage
You want a minimalist space that looks great, and kitchens are one of the most cluttered spaces in the home. Families congregate in the kitchen and countertops get piled up really quickly when everyone gets home from their day. Storage options for the kitchen are difficult to decide on, and if you didn’t have the space for storage before, you need to incorporate it now. It doesn't mean you’re going to have huge cupboards stuffed to the brim with clutter, it just means that you’re going to have to learn to manage it better with the right storage.

Kitchen Area

Do: Install Great Lighting
There is so much more to a kitchen than cabinets and appliances: lighting plays a big part! The last thing you want in the kitchen is a lack of lighting. Cooking requires you to have clear light to be able to see properly. Envision where you would be stood and working in the space, and once you do you can get a clear idea of where your lighting will be. Think about adding lighting to more than just the ceiling with under the cabinet lighting and lights that are sensor-activated when you walk into the room and out again.

Don’t: Play It Safe!
Your kitchen needs to be a vision of what you want. By being too safe with it, you can accidentally end up with a kitchen that is not living up to its full potential. The return on your investment needs to be a good one if you want your kitchen to be worth the money that you put into it. Choosing a happy medium and adding some personality can help your finished kitchen to really stand out. You can add so much to your home visually with bold lighting and statement pieces and these can add to your value, too.

It’s a big job, remodeling the kitchen. You have to consider the flaws your kitchen currently has in the pipework and the wiring and look at the ways that you can improve on the basics before building up to the cabinetry and appliances. All it takes is a little forward thinking and planning, and as it’s one of the most used rooms in the home, it can feel like every single detail needs to be planned to perfection. All you really need is a successful product at the end, and your remodel will be perfect as it is. Think about what to do first and grow it from there - good luck!

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