Does Axvoice Live Up to the Standards of Top VoIP Providers?

The convenience brought about by the VoIP services has convinced us to abandon traditional landline service. It has all been possible due to the cheap availability of the internet; an omnipresent technology that the world is thriving on. In the days of landline, it wasn’t possible to talk for hours on the phone to your relatives abroad. But it was made possible through affordable and unlimited calling plans of VoIP providers and now, most families and business have ditched their landline for a VoIP phone.

But there’s one issue.

There are so many VoIP services on the internet that it is hard to choose one. Interestingly, every service has designed its packages and plans in a way that target particular segments of consumers. We believe that for any good VoIP service, it should have a crystal-clear voice, a good set of features and an affordable price tag. That’s why we have picked Axvoice; a top VoIP service provider with the lowest prices for any VoIP phone in the U.S.

About Axvoice

Axvoice is one of those VoIP service providers that offer all the good VoIP features and services at a very competitive price. This service is good for residential as well as business users, especially for the small business owners. The best part is, there is no hassle of setting it up. The subscription comes with a plug-and-play device. Just plug that in and it is ready to use.

How to use Axvoice?

Apart from its ridiculously low price, another reason why Axvoice is popular is the ease that it offers. After you subscribe for any of its plans, anyone can set it up and there is no software installation required. Here are some simple requirements for setting up Axvoice service at your home.

·        Axvoice VoIP adaptor
·        Analog phone
·        Internet router
·        Ethernet cable 

Once you subscribe for their VoIP service, you will be sent a VoIP adaptor by them. This is a plug-and-play adaptor and does not require any installation. You have to attach this adaptor to the internet modem router through the Ethernet cable. After that, you connect this adaptor to your landline phone and it is ready to use.

Axvoice Calling Features

Plenty of calling features comes with your Axvoice calling package without any extra charge. These calling features are divided into three categories. Here are some notable mentions:

a)      Inbound

·        Anonymous call rejection: This feature comes handy when you are in the middle of the work and don’t want to attend a call from an unknown number. This feature automatically rejects calls from unknown numbers when activated.

·        Simultaneous ring: There are many instances when a person can miss important calls because they were busy or away from VoIP phone. With this feature, you can set up to 3 numbers that call receive your call if your number is busy or you don’t pick up. So you will never miss any important call.

b)     Outbound

·        International call blocking: International calls make up a large sum of our phone bill. You can curtail those unnecessary charges by blocking international calls other than the U.S. and Canada by using this feature.

·        Caller ID blocking: Some users don’t like to make their number public especially if they are using the same number for personal and business needs. Those users can disable their caller ID from showing up on the recipient’s phone by using this feature. 

c)      Advanced

·        Softphone support: You can also use your Axvoice VoIP service on your smartphone. Axvoice offers softphone support that can be installed on a phone or computer and you can make as many calls as you like on the go, using your phone and the internet.

·        Failover calls: What if the internet is not working at your home? Axvoice will divert all those calls to your desired landline number in case the internet service is down.

Axvoice Service Packages and Plans

VoIP service providers offer myriad calling features as well as cost-saving packages. Axvoice also offers different packages and flexible calling plans to save money. Determining the right VoIP plan depends upon the cost and the features that come with any package. Following are the plans and packages offered by Axvoice.

        i.            Pay As You Go: This is the most basic VoIP calling plan under the “Residential VoIP” category. The Pay As You Go package is a per-minute billing plan with all the standard VoIP calling features as offered on other plans. The fixed line rent is just $4.99 per month while all the regular calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada are charged at 1.5c per minute.

      ii.            US/Canada 200: The package next to the Pay As You Go plan is the US/Canada 200 VoIP calling plan. The only feature that makes the difference in this package is that you get 200 free minutes to call anywhere in the US and Canada by paying just one dollar more than its predecessor. This sets the price of this plan at only $5.99 per month. Any other call after the consumption of free minutes is charged at 1.5c per minute.

    iii.            US/Canada Unlimited: This one is the ultimate residential VoIP calling package. The highlight of this package is that you can make as many calls as you want to anywhere in U.S. and Canada. There are no extra per minute charges or limit to the free minutes. You can just pay for the package and start using it right away. The monthly charges for the unlimited plan are $8.25 when you subscribe for a yearly package.

International calling

Just like other VoIP service providers, Axvoice understands the need for calling international destinations. That is why it has a couple of attractive international calling plans. Because cellular and landline charges for international calling are often expensive, Axvoice’s international plans are for those who have their loved ones living outside the U.S. and Canada and don’t want to pay over the odds. Here are their details:

        i.            Residential international: This package covers more than 45 international destinations. Once you subscribe for this package, you can make unlimited calls to these countries without paying anything extra. The monthly cost of this package is $16.68.
      ii.            Residential international plus: This package offers international calling to more than 60 international destinations. There is no limit on max calling minutes in this plan either. You can get this plan for $29.99 per month.

This table explains different packages and plans offered by Axvoice.

Axvoice Calling Packages
Calling Plans
Minute Charges
Free Minutes
per month

Pay As You Go
US/Canada 200
US/Canada Unlimited

Residential International
Unlimited calls to 45+ destinations
Residential International Plus
Unlimited calls to 60+ destinations


Axvoice makes a case for the top VoIP service providers. Even if you subscribe for its basic calling package, you get all the standard features that you won’t find in any other package. There are different plans to choose from which gives you enough liberty to select a plan according to your requirements. One big advantage is that the user doesn’t have to pay for the Axvoice device as it comes free with the subscription. Overall, Axvoice is for those who are looking for a money-saver VoIP option with quality services. 

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