5 Sensible Security Solutions for Your Home

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It doesn't matter whether your home is your castle, you won’t have huge walls and a drawbridge to keep any unwelcome guests out, but that doesn't mean that you have to go without security. There is a growing interest in the number of smart gadgets and security hacks on the market at the moment, and it’s there to be used to protect your home as well as your business. All of these things can lend a hand at protecting you and you get the choice of whether to go old school with regular security items or you can head into the future with smart gadgets. The fact you even get a choice is awesome; it just means that your home is doubly secure!

Below, you can read about four sensible ways you can secure your home away from unwanted visitors, keep an eye on people who go to your front door while you’re at work and even keep the pets safe. The range out there today is so broad that you can mix and match should it make you happy. Let’s take a look:
  • Nest Cam. On the surface, this camera looks just like a webcam - nothing special or fancy. You’d be wrong to assume so, though! This little piece of kit is nothing short of intelligent. Not only can you tune into the live feed of your home at any time from around the world, but you can also get alerts sent directly to your phone if there is any activity detected that can be flagged as suspicious. Check it out here.
  • Liberty Home Products + Window Well Covers. A way to cover your window wells from the outside, these are pet and child safe and you can upgrade it to include a choice of emergency escape ladders. These also can be made to fit the size of your window well so that you can opt for maximum security.
  • August Smart Lock. Smart locks are making waves in the security market, and these allow you to control access to your home from your smartphone with ease. You can get the kids in and out when you’re in the office, you can give access to friends and family without giving them a key, you can even say that these work like deadbolts. No keys needed, and your home is as secure as they come!
  • Yale Smarthome Alarm. The smart alarms from new names are great, but Yale has been a leader in home security for years and so, they’re not to be discounted. This one is an all in one package that includes motion sensors, smoke alarm and a key fob for instant access to the house. The alarm can be turned on and off via smartphone and will switch on a light if the movement is detected - even when you are not home.
Your home deserves your investment in your security and it’s important that you know exactly what you are buying. Take the time to secure your house and don’t leave things up to chance.

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