You May Have More Money Than You Think You Do

If you’re like most people, then money always seems to be just out of reach. With all the bills and other costs of living expenses to meet, the money we make from our salary seems to leave our bank account just as quickly as it arrives. If this is the case, then there’s one obvious solution: get more money. “Ah, yes, of course, so simple,” we hear you say, as you roll your eyes. In fact, it is pretty simple! While you can’t add another full-time salary to your income, most people do have more money than they think they do. We take a look how below.

Untapped Resources

People make a lot of big investments, and then do nothing but let them drain their money. Take the two biggest expenses that people have: their home, and their car. Both of these can be used to bring in some extra cash, and in the case of the house, a significant amount of money. If you have a spare room, why not look at renting it out? You can earn hundreds of dollars each month, and it’s not like you have to rent it to a stranger. For your car, look at signing up for a ride-sharing website, and offer seats (for cash) in your vehicle for journeys that you’re already making. If you’re spending way too much money on gas, you’ll be pleased to slash that bill in half or more.

In the Home

If you’ve been buying stuff for years and never throwing them away, then you might be sitting on a small fortune. The average home has thousands of dollars worth on unused goods just sitting in their drawers. Instead of letting them gather dust and depreciate even further, sell them! You can sell old phones and laptops, books, DVDs, and anything else that’s lying around your house. Just because you no longer need them doesn’t mean they’re worthless. Once you’ve sold the lot, you’ll have a nice amount of money sitting in your savings account, and will also have more space in the home.

Getting a Better Deal

The thing about society is that we don’t need to just accept whatever we’re given. We’re in a position to influence things! Think about how much you’re paid, for instance. Your salary isn’t something that’s set in stone. If you’ve been doing a good job, then you’re within your right to ask for a raise. You might find that you’ve bumped up your monthly income simply by having an inch of bravery and asking for more money! Bosses are actually usually pretty receptive to these ideas because they know it costs much more to hire a new employee than to keep a good worker on board.

A Lack of Understanding

One of the reasons why people think they have less money than they really do is because they don’t know where they’re spending it! For a few weeks, keep tabs on where every penny is being spent. You might be surprised by how much you can save just by making a small lifestyle change.

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