The Do's and Don'ts of a Marriage Proposal

Asking a woman for her hand in marriage must rate as one of the most challenging times a young man will ever face, and in order to maximise the chances of a “yes”, here is a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts that every potential husband should read.

Ø  Do Test The Waters - It is never a good idea to merely assume that she will be delighted with your proposal. You should at least discuss the future with her, which will give you a clear idea about how she feels regarding making a long-term commitment. Once you have done this, why not visit https://www.diamondjewellerystudio.com.au/ where you can select the perfect engagement ring to cement the proposal.

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Ø  Do Talk To Her Parents - Even in the modern times we live in, it is respectful to ask her parents ahead of time how they feel about your intended proposal. Showing her family this level of respect will always be warmly received, and with their blessing, you can proceed with confidence. Her mother and father will soon become your in-laws and by starting how you mean to go on, your relationship with them should go from strength to strength.

Ø  Don’t Make It Public - Whenever a man makes a public marriage proposal, the lady grins and bears it. This is a very special moment for both of you, and while you want to stand on the tallest building and shout it out to the world, save it for a later date. When looking at diamond engagement rings, there are online jewellers with a vast range of designs that are suitable, and make sure you know her ring size before you make any commitments.

Ø  Do Tell Her Why You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Her- Women love to be reminded on their strong points and there's no better time for some flattery than a proposal of marriage. This is a special moment for both of you, therefore you should not be afraid to explain your reasons for choosing her, and she will love you even more for it!
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Ø  Don’t Expect An Immediate “Yes” - If you look at things from her perspective, it is a big task to ask someone to commit themselves at such short notice and if she says she would like some time to consider your proposal, it is perfectly reasonable to do so. There are articles you can find online for further reading on the do’s and don’ts of proposing marriage, which confirms the information in this article.

Ø  Don’t Propose Too Early In The Relationship - You might be head over heels in love and can only see a happy future for you both, yet you need to consider her feelings. It might not yet be the right time for such a big step and by waiting a while, you are not risking losing her, in fact, waiting a few months will only strengthen the relationship.

If you take all of the above into account, there’s every chance that your marriage proposal will be warmly received and you can both start to plan your lives together. This is likely to be the biggest question you will ever ask, so do your homework to maximise the chances of getting the right response.

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