What is the DUI law in California?

What if you get convicted while you are driving under the influence in California? There are different penalties that you are expected to get. The severity of the penalties will depend on the circumstances surrounding your present situation.

If it is your first time to become arrested and get convicted for DUI, this will be considered a misdemeanor by the court. The very first thing that you should do is to find a traffic ticket lawyer. This is someone who will help you with your case. You also need to have as much knowledge about the various penalties.

l  The fines for a misdemeanor will be from about $350 - $1000. The more severe the case is, the more expensive the fines are going to be.

l  There are also some people who will be required to spend two nights or more in jail. Once again, this would depend on how severe the case is. There is no specific jail time. It would always depend on the situation of the offender.

l  A person who is caught doing the offense for the first time may have his license suspended for half a year. If it is not the first time that the person has done this, the suspension may be lengthened. There is also a big possibility that the license will be revoked.

l  The DUI law also states that those who are caught will be required to go on probation. There are different types that may be given depending on the severity of the case. There are some who will only be required to go to a formal DUI school. You can learn more details about this from the speeding ticket lawyer Santa Ana.

The severity of the sanctions that will be given to those who are caught with the DUI will depend on how many times the person has been caught. A person in California may reach up to a second and third DUI. After the third DUI, the offender will be required to get an IID requirement.

It should be remembered that there will be other sanctions that will be available if the DUI has resulted in injuries of other people or even death. When this occurs, the right Van Nuys lawyer should be contacted.

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