Put Your Hands Up If You Hate Driving!

We bet a lot of you have put your hand right up. The short truth of it is, driving can either be really good, or really bad. One day your car could be running so smoothly, it’s nicely full of petrol or diesel, and the roads are as clear as day. Another day you could be storming around in your car, furiously stopping and starting during traffic, and wondering how long it’s going to be before your flashing petrol light finally gives way. It is all of these bad days that seem to trump the good days because we definitely seem to have more of them! But, driving is something that’s so essential, and we have to tell you, we don’t see any way of the roads improving at the minute. What we can see, is a few helpful tips coming your way that should reduce your hate for driving.

Tip Number One

Tip number one is going out to all of you who absolutely hate driving in traffic. Just the thought of it alone is enough to wind you up so much, that you actually feel stressed for the rest of the evening. Sometimes, we know that driving in the traffic is unavoidable. But, for the most part, we’re sure you can find ways to skip the busy periods. Want to know one magic suggestion that you probably won’t have thought of before now? Well, just take some form of public transport. You might be thinking, ‘why would I pay for public transport when I pay for a car’. Well, if you’re driving in heavy traffic, you’re most likely going to use the same amount of fuel as you would pay the price of public transport. In fact, you might even be burning more money than you would be if you just paid for a bus fare. Plus, it takes all the stress from you of having to drive around in all of that traffic. You can just sit back, relax, and let someone else do it.

Tip Number Two

So this is probably the easiest one for a lot of you to relate to. If you hate driving, it might just be because you’re a bit scared of it, which we can totally understand. Whilst it might be true that cars have never been safer than they have at the minute, it doesn’t mean the roads are getting any safer as well. In fact, as the years go on, the number of people driving on the roads is increasing, meaning your chances of being in an accident are going up and up every year. It’s actually so common for people to be in a crash ranging anything from a minor bump, to a major incident. Companies such as Robinette Law provides legal services for anyone who has been in a car accident, and it’s definitely worth knowing something like this to call to hand if you ever need to. Don’t just think that because you haven’t had a crash yet, that it won’t happen to you at all! However, if you are worried that you are going to be in a crash during the busier times when you drive, just avoid driving altogether!
Tip Number Three

Buy a car that you actually like. Some of you are still stuck with the old motor you brought when you first got a car. It might not have been old at the time, but it definitely will be now! Or, due to money, some of you might be stuck with an old car that you’ve bought recently. If it’s not flashy and new, we seem to moan about it. If it is any car but the car we’ve always wanted, we seem to moan about it. So, the main solution here is to make sure that you’re finding a car that you actually like. If you feel as though you can’t afford it, consider trading in yours and using it as a deposit, and then getting a good finance deal. As long as you get the hire purchase option, the car is yours at the end, and you don’t have to worry about any big scary fees.

Tip Number Four

Finally, our last tip is to make sure you’re driving when it suits you. When you’re surrounded by people who don’t drive, which a lot of people actually are, you can soon become the one who everyone relies on for a lift. Don’t fall into that trap! Don’t play a taxi service, and make sure you’re only going out on the roads when it suits you.

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