5 Tips for Better Family Time

The importance of quality family time is not something that should ever be overlooked. The time you spend together, especially in the early years, will pay off immensely during those teenage and even college years. Kids remember these times, and while the firmness of the family bond may become a tad loosened during those teenage years, a great childhood will always get your kids to come back. So, in order to create a solid foundation and fortify the relationship between both kids and kids and parents, finding the time for them is crucial. There are numerous ‘easy’ ways to bond – sharing a meal together, talking about your day, and these practices should be an integral part of your family routine. Still, there are even more fun ways to spend great family time and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Never miss out on it

The amazing phones and their cameras make it easy to mark every child’s milestone, every ridiculous garden water fight, or essentially anything else. However, we have become so reliant on our phones to create spontaneous memories that we have let go of the old traditions such as organizing a family photoshoot. Family portraits make us get all dressed up, sit together, smile and pose for the camera and they mean a whole lot for the kids’ self-esteem. Photos simply represent the best memories as they are almost eternal. Therefore, hire a family portrait photographer and organize a photoshoot, whether it’s a Christmas or a New Year’s one. It can even be a regular day, or a celebration of a milestone. You don’t need an excuse to create timeless memories, so try to make picture day one of your family’s traditions.

Put it on the whiteboard

Most parents of today have whiteboards. They help keep them organized and on top of everything, from chores to picking the kids up from school and afterschool activities. However, the one thing that should definitely make its way onto the whiteboard is a monthly trip or excursion. It’s great for the family to spend some time in nature. Parents get to tell their kids stories of the places they visit, there can be singing and sharing on the way there. The entire trip can be incredible, and you will enjoy this time well-spent. On top of that, your children will be grateful that you took the time to take them to these incredible places, and will cherish these memories. Also, excursions are another opportunity for amazing photo-ops, so don’t forget your camera. 

It's the little things that count

Sometimes the kids need to be in cahoots with one of their parents in order to create a surprise for the other. Christmas and New Years are important dates, but everyone receives gifts on these holidays. Now, when it comes to Father’s and Mother’s day, it’s the kids’ job to plan a special day and special gifts. So, mom gets to help the kids pick out the perfect Father’s Day gifts, and dad will return the favor when it’s mom’s day. Well-chosen gifts, regardless of the price, show how much we care; and these days, dedicated to parents are a great opportunity to give and show our love. So, each parent should take up the task of teaching the kids the importance of these two holidays and always make sure they help the children plan out the perfect day that ends with the perfect gift.

Get personal

In some families, the parents are so closed up that their kids don’t even know them. When you feel like you don’t know someone, it’s difficult to feel connected and close to them. So, loosen up a bit and share stories with your kids. Tell them things that are appropriate for their age, such as how mom and dad met, what mom thought of him in the beginning and vice versa. These personal stories about the course of your romance aren’t only entertaining but also give your kids a deeper insight into who you are. Subsequently, this only brings them closer to you and makes them want to share and confide in you too, and that is as good as it gets.

Take interest

Over time, your kids will become interested in one thing or another. Some will become theater enthusiasts, others will develop a love for basketball. Whatever their interest is, it’s your job not to only be supportive but to also find a way to get involved in that part of their life. If it’s basketball, get the whole family to shoot hoops for fun at the nearest court. If it’s theatre, go through lines with your son and daughter and really get in character. Being there isn’t just showing up for a play or a ballgame, although this matters too. It’s about being there for the entire process.

When there’s a will, there’s always a way. We have given you a few in the sea of countless ways to spend some great time as a family. So, now it’s your turn to start by implementing these ideas and new ones will come to you as you go.  

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