Top trends of autumn and winter 2017

Image source: https://www.pexels.com

It’s the new fashion season, and everyone wants to know what’s in and what’s out. If you 're going to stay one step ahead, check out this style guide from Fulton Umbrellas — a leading supplier of premium fashion umbrellas in the UK.


This season, you’re going to see modern nostalgia like never before. If you love anything quirky, autumn and winter 2017 is going to be packed with beautiful, vintage-inspired styles. Combining patterns of the past — like tweed, herringbone, dogtooth and chintzy florals — with the shapes of the present day, this trend combines the best of both worlds for one effortlessly stylish trend.

Wearing the style: patterns and clothing styles that we think of as vintage blend into any outfit. Be daring and throw on a dogtooth coat, then polish off your vintage look with retro accessories.

Grungy spiritualism

Grunge and grime are back and better than ever this season — but there’s a mystical twist. With a color palette of grey-greens, dark blues and rich purples, look out for dark and dramatic prints with Victorian and Gothic influences. Of course, more colored floral prints, metallic tones, and galaxy patterns remain staples of the grunge trend.

Wearing the style: put on a dark purple scarf or dress with chunky tights and boots for a mystical-grime look.

Patterned expression

Prints, motifs, and patterns are going to be big players in the style game this season. Fun prints and textures like for example spots, doodles, and brushstroke can be an alternative trend in fashion. Ideally, prints should be dark in color — like navy, grey, and green — with bright accents.

Wearing the style: effortlessly wearable and so easy to customise to suit your individual style, we think you’ll have lots of fun with this trend. Whether you’re going to work or out with friends, this print is simple to incorporate into your wardrobe through dresses, blouses, and jackets.

All natural

Autumn and winter fashion this year is massively inspired by the great outdoors. Think vibrant reds and deep browns with a statement-making leaf print to reflect the changing season. If you want something bolder, throw on bold snake and leopard patterns. Just remember: textures are essential in this trend, so natural materials like tweed and wool will look and feel amazing as part of your winter wardrobe.

Wearing the style: the best way to present this trend is through accessories. Patterned umbrellas and handbags are a great place to start and excellent for building on if you want to incorporate more of the natural look. Because raw nature is such a bold trend, choose one standout statement piece like a tweed coat, leopard-print bag or chunky woolen cardi while keeping other aspects of your outfit muted. 


  1. I'm not huge on "fashion" per se so I legitimately do not know the answer to this question (lol bear with me) - where does this information come from? Like, who decides the trends?

  2. Great outfit suggestions! I am more of a "grungy spiritualism" kind of a person. I really love dark colors and it does so well with winters, I think. The burgundy-purplish shade cloths are my fav!

  3. Thanks for explaining this years fashion trends and how to make them more wearable. I love autumn/winter for chunky knits and tights and boots!

  4. Well, it all sounds Greek to me. But my wife says that you make a lot of sense and she is definitely going to try some of the styles you have mentioned here.

  5. I am not rally a what society call "fashionista" but I always go for all natural style. It brings me comfortably the dress I wear.

  6. These are some amazing inspiration for Autumn and Winter outfit ideas! My favorite is going with nature and wearing popping red and brown colors!

  7. It's nice to make some changes in outfits when a new a season begins. Fantastic tips! I think I will try that natural trens right now.

  8. This are great tips! It makes sense to let the nature shine as a fashion item itself I love the colours right now brown and dark red so always prefer to use smooth colours to incorporate myself in those colours, x

  9. Back to the classics! I love when fashion circles back to the classics, this is a great time for sustainable fashion and vintage classics.