How Glass Fixings Can Make Your Home Look More Modern

The glass is a fantastic material. Using it in a home can give it a modern edge, ironic when you consider that glass is one of the oldest materials known to man.
If you want to introduce not only a modern streak but the wow factor too, read on to find out fantastic ideas with glass. With fixings and glass clips at the ready, these ideas of how to use glass will make a big difference to your home.

These ideas, from small changes to big ones, will change your home from the ordinary to the extraordinary…

#1 Glass hallway table

The hallway is often a small space and yet to have a hallway devoid of furniture leaves with rather an odd problem. From having a lamp to light to space, to a place to tore your keys, there is a need for a small table at least. A glass table, narrow in width, is the perfect solution.

#2 Glass shelving

Another small, relatively inexpensive change is to replace wooden shelving with minimalist glass shelving. With minimal glass clips and fixings, there are no large, cumbersome looking supports and arms to detract from the beauty of the glass. Better still, glass shelving looks great in any room, from the bathroom to the lounge, to the kitchen to the bedroom and beyond. An affordable way to introduce more glass into your home.

#3 Glass-top dining table

Climbing the financial scale, the next time it comes to replacing your dining table, consider a glass table top. Choose a dining table that not only has a statement glass-top but also striking legs that make for a stunning feature in the dining room. 

#4 Glass with white

Investing in glass items is all well and good but if the background is not quite good enough to show it off, some of its elegance will be missed. In a minimalist design, use the power of white – paint and accessorise – to form the blank backdrop so your glass stuff shines.

#5 A glass cantilevered breakfast bar

Need the convenience of a breakfast bar in the kitchen? Consider a tempered glass cantilevered breakfast bar, complete with futuristic bar stools. The finish is simply amazing and turns something essentially very functional, into some practical and elegant.

#6 Textured glass work tops

We often think of glass with a practical function as needing to be flat and smooth. Textured glass tends to be associated with more decorative applications. However, you can mix the two. Take a look at textured, tempered glass for kitchen worktops. Some thicker pieces of textured glass will have a pleasant sea-like green tint, the natural colour of when sheets of glass are layered together.

#7 Glass balustrades

For outside balconies or mezzanine floors a balustrade is a must. But, if you have a fantastic view and don’t want to spoil the vista, a glass balustrade is the ideal solution. Opt for a frameless glass balustrade system for a super-modern look.

#8 Glass floors

If you’ve ever stood on a glass panel at the top of a tourist attraction, you will understand the appeal (or not!). Glass panel floors certainly pack a punch when it comes to the domestic home so why not add a glass floor to the upper hallway floor?

#9 Glass walls and ceiling combination

Extending the kitchen is perfect for adding more practical space but instead of closing your home in with brick walls, consider the ultra-modern approach of glass walls and ceilings. Made from thick, tempered glass, the result is simply stunning.

#10 Room dividers

Common in commercial buildings, glass partitions are perfect for adding a modern look to your home. If you live in an open plan or spacious space, there are times when you need to zone areas. Although you can use temporary rooms partitions like bookcases or cubes, a permanent glass partition doesn’t look quite so definite, although it is a long-term feature.

And finally, THE real showstopper: a glass paneled under stair cupboard/ ‘hot house.'

Under the stairs is an often-under-utilised space for storage but, it can also be a space that can make a focal point when it comes to interior design. We love the under stairs storage that includes a small ‘greenhouse’. Lay a gravel floor with large, exotic plants and partition off using panels of glass. Add lighting and white walls to make it really stand out. Guests will marvel at this super-modern addition.

How will you use glass in your home?

Balustrade Components have everything that you need to create stunning glass applications, from glass work benches to functional glass shelving and breath-taking frameless glass balustrades.

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