Spa Day: Pick Me Ups When You're Feeling Down (At Home!)

Have you ever wanted the facilities of a spa, but from the comfort of your own home? With these ideas, you will be ready to invite all of your friends over for a girls day (and night!)

Foot Spa
Wouldn't you like to come home after a busy day and soak your tired feet in a wonderfully warm, bubbly spa? Well, get yourself a foot spa! They are super affordable depending on what you want it to do, but for the most part, they are cheap and easy enough to get your hands on. They aren't too big either so you can store them away easily.

Candles are such a lovely way to bring a calm, peaceful vibe into your house. You can buy these in all different colors, and all different smells too! Vanilla, strawberry, lemon, chocolate, lily, roses and so much more, it's an endless list of scents!

Face Mask
Is your skin feeling dry, or maybe oily, or you just want to replenish your skin a little. Get a face mask! The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help to improve the appearance of your pores. They are also an excellent way to help pull out impurities. They are made for all different skin types so don't worry, they will have exactly what you need.

Massage Chair
Who would turn down the best massage chairs? Can you imagine sitting at home and feeling a little sore, maybe you worked out too much yesterday, or you slept rough last night - No problem, just take a seat on your very own massage chair and let it rub you away to heaven! Prices vary depending on its features (you can learn more about it online,) but they do remain pretty pricey. But if you can afford it, it's pretty damn cool to have at home.

Chocolates, Ice Cream, and Movies
If you're feeling down, or maybe it's 'that time of the month,' movies and snacks are the way to get better. Choose whatever movie that will cheer you up, with a tub of ice cream in one hand and chocolates in the other, you will have the perfect night planned out. Who needs boys when you have these?!

Flowers will brighten up anyone's day, (even if you bought them for yourself!) You might not believe it at the time, but once you have them in your home or your bedroom, every time you pass them you'll smell their beautiful scent - and it'll make you feel good. Plus they'll bring color to your surroundings!

Bath Bombs and Oils
Get the taps running in the bath, put the oils in - and enjoy. If you have bath bombs (and they are colored,) why not wait until you're inside? It's so cool to be in the tub and then see the water changing color around you! It's fascinating, and it makes your skin feel good.


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