Top 4 Kitchen Mistakes To Avoid

Most people don't think too much about what they are doing in the kitchen. They just know that there are some hungry family members waiting to be fed, and so get on with what needs doing. But there are actually of a lot of common, unnecessary mistakes that people make when cooking and cleaning. Read on to find out what they are and the best ways of preventing them, so your food looks great and is both delicious and safe.

Not using the correct tool for the jobs
One of the biggest problems that people make in the kitchen is thinking that they can get good results without having the right equipment. Having the right items is essential to getting a good end result. For example, you will need a nonstick pan to be able to make omelet or pancakes, or all you will get at the end is a scrambled up mess.

Likewise, you can't delicately julienne vegetables if all you have is an old blunt knife. That is why it is always worth investing in good quality knives like the ones reviewed at Cut it Fine. Research your choices thoroughly before you invest, and they should last you a lifetime.

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Not keeping the kitchen as clean as possible
Another common mistake that people make in the kitchen is not taking hygiene procedures seriously. Some people think because it is their own home kitchen they don't have to keep it as clean as a professional catering establishment would. But this is a mistake because you and you family are still eating food that has been produced in that space.

That is why you need to take special precautions and clean down all surfaces with a food-safe antibacterial spray after use. You should also clear away any food debris and make sure that the bins are emptied regularly. Or, you could attract vermin into your kitchen space. Floors should also be swept and mopped, to ensure that dirt and germs from the outside are kept to a minimum.  

Not watching out for cross-contamination
Talking about dirt and germs, something that many people forget about in their own kitchens is the problems of cross-contamination. This is when bacteria or viruses from one type of food aren't cleaned away properly. Then they infect the other type of food being prepared. This second type of food may not go through the same process of preparation and cooking, as the first. That means there is no guarantee that the bacteria will be destroyed, making it dangerous to eat.

Ways of dealing with this include using separate color-coded preparation boards for raw meat, vegetables, raw fish, and dairy. If that sort of things isn't available, make sure to thoroughly wash all implements and surfaces the food has touched before using them again.

Not paying attention to nutritional values
Lastly, another common mistake many people make is to be too focused on finding a dish to cook that all the family will eat without complaining.

But that isn't always the best way to pick a meal for your nearest and dearest. In fact, it is important to look at the nutritional value of the meals that you are cooking, to ensure that your family is getting a balanced diet.  

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