11 Simple Ways To Ensure Your Kids Are Getting Enough Exercise In Their Life

You would be surprised how many people are growing up to be unfit. In fact, one in three kids is now overweight in the USA. And these children can often go on to be obese adults. But this can all be stopped if you ensure they are eating a healthy diet and are getting enough exercise when they are little. However, it can be a challenge in the modern world when kids just want to spend all their time on tablets or in front of the television. Therefore, here are 11 simple ways to ensure your children are getting enough exercise in their life.

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Walk them to school
A lot of moms take their kids to school in the car. After all, it’s often the quickest way to get them to school. And they then can drive on to work afterward. However, it does mean you miss an excellent opportunity for the kids to get some exercise. Therefore, if the school is less than a mile away, it’s time to walk there instead. Walking is an excellent way to maintain a healthy weight. And it will be good for your child to get some fresh air before sitting at a desk all day at school. If it’s further than a mile to get to their school, you could consider biking there instead. You can get fit while pedaling along the road to the school gates.

Take them swimming
There are so many benefits to swimming. For one thing, it can help strengthen your child’s muscles. And as well as this, it’s a great form of cardio which will help your kid to maintain a healthy weight. And it’s a great stress buster; a half hour of swimming will boost their mood and relieve the body of stress. Therefore, because of all these reasons, you should take your kids swimming after school or at the weekend. It’s often only a couple of dollars, and it will be an excellent time for you and your child. And if you are lucky enough to have space in the backyard, you could opt to build a swimming pool. Imagine all the fun parties you can have in the summer! And you can get lots of different water features for a home pool to ensure it looks great in your garden. Having a pool in your yard also means you don’t have to travel far away to the local center. They can just go and have a swim in the comfort of your own home!

Get a fun climbing frame for the garden
If your park is far away from home, you should consider bringing the playground to your garden. You should look for a fun climbing frame which you can add to your backyard. And if there is space, you could add a swing and slide too. Your kid will love playing on all the equipment, and it will encourage them to get active. And it will be perfect for when your child has friends over. After all, they can all play on the climbing frame together, rather than sitting on their tablets inside the home!

Get them to join soccer club
A lot of kids get home and then sit around till bedtime. After all, they just want to play on their device or watch a film. However, to ensure they are getting enough exercise in their life, you want to encourage them to join a team. Enquire at their school about teams they could join. For example, they might have a soccer club that your child can attend. Not only will this be great for helping your child to stay healthy, but it’s perfect for their social skills too. After all, they will meet loads of new friends. And it can be rewarding when they win a game. And if they do join up, you could always get a footie goal for your garden. That way, they can get some practice in before their next class!

Go for a bike ride at weekends
Biking is one of the best forms of exercise for your body. It works all your muscles and is an excellent way to stay fit. And not only that, but you get to see the world while you are on your bike. Therefore, when you are thinking about something to do this weekend, you should consider going on a bike ride. The kids will love getting out on their bikes. And while you are biking around the area, it’s a perfect chance for them to get fit. It’s also a great way for your family to bond together. Remember to plan a route so that you know where you are going. And if it's a beautiful day, take a picnic with you that you can enjoy half way through your bike ride.

Head out for dog walk with your pooch
There are a ton of benefits to having a pooch. For one thing, they are great for teaching children about animals. Also, it can often be a great friend for your little one. It can help them to develop caring skills which they can use on a day to day basis. And another brilliant thing about owning a pooch is that you can walk them. Walking them every day is an easy way to ensure your kid gets fit. And of course, going for a walk is perfect for your pooch too! Therefore, plan to go out to school with the kids and the pooch. And you could even head out on the weekend for a longer dog walk as a family. You can see more benefits of owning a dog on this site.

Take the kids bowling
Moms often get stuck at weekends for what to do with their little one. After all, there is only so many different activities you can do. But one fun way to ensure your kids gets enough exercise is to take them bowling. You will be surprised how much the activity can be good for your health. For one thing, it works your arms throwing the bowling ball. And a lot of professionals recommend it as a way to strengthen and tone your muscles. Therefore, you should consider taking your kid bowling as a fun weekend activity. And your child will love doing the activity without realizing it’s a secret way to help them stay fit!

Encourage them to get their skates on
Skating is also another fun way to ensure your children get enough exercise in their life. After all, it works their leg muscles and helps to get your heart racing. If they have skates already at home, you should take them around the block with their fun skates. Or if you have none at home, you could consider going to a rink to ensure your kids get some exercise. You could opt for roller skating, or ice skating would be just as fun at this time of year! And it’s a great activity to do as a family!

Let them play in the garden
You can also ensure your child stays fit and healthy by getting them to play outdoors more in your backyard. You might want to head out there as a family and play some games. A game of soccer or tennis will ensure they get fit. And you could even get them to help you out with some gardening in the backyard. You will be surprised how good gardening is to work your muscles. In fact, it works most areas of your body. Therefore, get your kids to help you with some digging or mowing in the garden to ensure they stay active.

Take them to the park
Another easy way to ensure your child gets enough exercise is by taking them to the park. After all, they will have plenty of space to run around and have some fun. Also, there might be a playground with equipment that they can play on. Therefore, head there for an hour or so to get your kid’s heart pumping. Also, it will do them the world of good to be outside of the house enjoying some fresh air!

Go on a beach holiday
There are many reasons why a holiday is a good idea. For one thing, it gives your family the time to rest from the perils of school and work. But also, you will be surprised how active your kids will be while on holiday. For example, if you head on a beach vacation, they are going to spend a ton of time in the pool. And as we discussed above, swimming is such a great way to get fit. Also, they will spend a lot of time playing on the beach. Therefore, book a beach holiday to ensure your child gets fit and healthy!

And remember the main way to ensure they are getting enough exercise is to limit their TV and computer use. Try and stick to an hour or two after school and three hours at weekends. That way, they will definitely have time to try and get active in the outdoors.

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