WP-100: A Great Compressor and Tone Enhancer

Are you familiar with the instruments used in a band? Does wp-100 sound familiar to you? For people who are not into music instruments, it may seem odd. Wp-100 is a preamp tool that helps bassist shape tones. Its main features are: tube input stage, a compressor with threshold and rate control, a tube character control, enhance power and built with a semi-parametric EQ. The preamp is commonly used in studios and stages/concerts. Bass guitar amplifiers should be reliable, and quality made so that it can withstand concert tours and could deliver suitably enhanced sound, just as you wanted. Eden creates and manufactures best sounding amplifiers in the world. In fact, they have WP100 World Tour Series Professional Preamp Unit that's versatile with insane quality sound thought a bit pricey.  Amps should be simple to use and easy to navigate so that you could concentrate on making great music both live and in the studio.

For music enthusiast, the quality of the music and sound they produce is very vital. Instruments should sound clear and could appeal to the people who will hear it. Bassist should buy reliable pre-amp, and that can survive longer time use. But who are bassist? The bassist is a musician who plays a bass instrument. Could you imagine a band without their bassist?

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