#Homecoming: A Family's Get Together

That day when my husband left to work in the Middle East is one of the unhappy days in my family's life. That day was the start of my lonely nights. My daughter was upset because she'll be away with her father for a long time. She's closer to her father that's why it broke my heart to see her crying whenever she misses her daddy. 

Poverty is very rampant in our country nowadays. Because of the low income and limited opportunity here in the Philippines, working abroad is my husband's only option so that he could give better future to our family especially for our daughter. We have to endure the days being away from each other to be able to fulfil our dreams of having our house and providing a comfortable life for our daughter.

After long years of hardship working far away from the family, homecoming is one of the memorable days for an OFW family. I, being a wife of an OFW has been looking forward to the day when I, my daughter and my husband will be finally together. He's been away from us for almost nine months now and still needs to bare a year and four months.  I have been to the airport several times because my father is also an OFW. I have seen many families excited waiting for the family member. As I watched the Lancris Residence video just this afternoon, I almost cried. It touches my heart. It shows how hospitable Filipinos are when someone especially a family member is coming home. From fetching in the airport to throwing a surprise party just to make them feel welcome.

Watch the video and find out how the father's perception changes about his grown-up bunso's decisions. 
Even at the airport, a balikbayan father kept on questioning the decisions of his grown-up bunso. When they reached home, something heartwarming will show that the Father only wants what is best for his children.

Sometimes even we do our best, and we can still get criticism from other people, but it should not stop us from proving yourself and showing others our capabilities.

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