The Things You've Forgotten To Do Before Selling Your Home

There are many reasons why you might be selling or considering selling your home. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current abode and need more space for a family. Maybe you’ve just got married or want to move in with a partner. Perhaps you just want a change of scene and crave a new location. Whatever the reason, it’s likely to be an exciting but stressful time. With so much to consider, it can be easy to overlook certain details in favor of the bigger picture. But it can be these details that sell a home. The small things that you overlook might be exactly what catches the eye of potential buyers and puts them off. But don’t despair! Some of the most commonly overlooked aspects are listed below. Put these into practice and your small efforts can make a big impact.

Paint The Front Door
We all like to make a great first impression. It should be the same when selling our home. The front of the house is likely to be the first thing that anyone potential buyer will see. The front door will be the focal point of that. It is remarkable how many front doors have been allowed to deteriorate into a total state of disrepair. The paintwork can be flaking. The wood might be peeling and splintering. The glass or details might be dirty or broken. With so much to take care of the inside, the front door is an understandable omission. But a well-kept freshly painted door can instantly create the impression of a fine and well-kept home. The rest of the front of the house might have seen better days due to wind and weather. But the front door is far more likely to be in the central vision of a buyer. You might consider replacing the door entirely. But a coat of paint or varnish, and maybe an update to a shinier door knob or new locks can make a huge difference.

Repair Drains and Sewers
This is rarely ever a glamorous or exciting job. For that reason, it tends to be overlooked for interior renovations and decor. But it is a fundamental component of house maintenance and one that is likely to be scrutinized by buyers. The function of our drains and sewers has an impact on damp in the home. It affects the foundations, walls, and even odor. We should consider sewer repair or drainage maintenance the moment we feel something might be wrong. It can be tempting to ignore odors, noises, or slight damp until it becomes a serious problem. But by that point, the damage might be irreparable, or at least a serious expense. Hoping for the best or resisting addressing a problem because you are moving is rarely wise. Many buyers will have an extensive survey and assessment taken of the house. It may seem like you are saving money by not addressing the problem. But this is a false economy. Finding a sewer or drainage system in disrepair could severely affect the value of the home. If you act quickly, before there is a real problem, you will save money and keep the valuation high.

Tidy The Garden
Whatever its size, a well-maintained garden can instantly make a home look more inviting and attractive. Whether you have a modest yard or a spacious lawn, you can be tidying it and improve the appearance. Adding vibrancy with a few plants and features is also a great way to add value.

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