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Being arrested is never going to be pleasant or easy, whether you committed an offense or a mistake has been made. However, there are some things that you can do – probably without even thinking about them – that can make the situation a lot worse. If you are ever arrested, remember that there are some things you really should do; read on to find out what they are.


On this episode of “Ryan and Kelly”, Ryan Seacrest and his co-host Kelly ask the staff members of the show what their favorite moments from 2018 were. I feel that this was a way of thanking their hard-working staff by allowing them to have a voice and by giving them some air time. With that said, here were the staff’s responses.

Executive Producer, Michael Gellman:

Michael loves when the shows feature family members of the hosts and staff. Naturally, he picked the Thanksgiving cooking episode, which featured his daughter, Misha. He thoroughly enjoyed her company and to be honest, I think she did as well.

Director, Brian Shatnin:

Speaking with “the voice of G.O.D”, Brian confessed that his favorite moment from 2018 was when Ryan Seacrest and company broke a world record for (yes, this is a record) the largest group of people flossing for one minute. They were met with rainy weather and wind, but nevertheless, 349 people shook their hips and flailed their arms around to earn a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records. Good job, I guess.


Jobs can be stressful and take a toll on your mind and body if you’re not careful. It’s important to learn the best ways to deal with workplace stress so you can feel happier and more satisfied with your career. 

Know that you’re not alone and many people feel the same way you do on a regular basis. However, your feelings and concerns shouldn’t be ignored and need to be addressed if you want to build a better future for yourself. Review the following tips to help you get through this difficult time and continue to stay hopeful that you can turn your situation around and experience more joy.


When you’re a woman, it can be tempting to think that your career path needs to stay traditional. However, we are now living in the 21st century and opportunities are now open for females that have never been available before.

Not so long ago, women were channeled down particular routes. They could choose only from certain sectors such as teaching, secretarial and office work, nursing or retail. Now, no path is closed. Women can do anything they put their mind to and employers are learning to embrace equality within their workforce. If you’ve always wanted to join the army, the police or the fire service, why not? Women are now free to take any job they like so long as they have the skills and qualifications.

When females choose a career path today, they can choose from a world of opportunities. However, even now, some roles are still seen mainly as a “man’s job”. Yet, simply because certain jobs are associated more with men than women doesn’t mean that a woman is forbidden from entering those professions. In fact, women could benefit greatly from exploring some of these more unusual career paths. Here are just some which modern women might want to bear in mind when choosing the right industry for them.

Are you ready for spring? No, perhaps not. It may feel as if it’s too early in the year to think about what you’re going to do in a few months’ time, but believe us, it’ll be here before you know it.

Well, there’s still time to prepare which means that you should start thinking about what you want to achieve at this time of year. If your goal is to include more DIY projects in your life, you might be seeking inspiration for jobs that you can tackle as the weather warms up. With that in mind, here are four things you should consider DIYing this springtime.

The holiday season can be full of joy and laughter, but many of us also find ourselves full – too full – of goodies. Coworkers, clients, and neighbors can show up with stuff by the plateful to share, while our schedules quickly fill up with parties and potlucks. Oh, and we can’t forget the family dinners or the relatives that come to stay, expecting all the holiday favorites.

With so many things to do (and eat), who has time for the gym? It is easy to let our nutritional goals slip during this busy time. But we don’t have to give up or give in. Jeunesse can help. The popular ZEN Project 8 and its ZEN BODI line of products, when combined with regular training and a healthy, balanced diet, includes the perfect products to keep us on track for a happy and healthy season, full of energy. Through 8 weeks, ZEN Project 8 will guide you through 3 easy-to-follow phases with ZEN BODI, expert coaching and ongoing support from an active community of like-minded participants.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? With the little ones, Santa will have the gifts ‘covered’, but for those a bit older, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to choose the right present. I mean, exactly what can you get someone who seemingly has everything they really need?
Here, we take a look at some quirky ideas to get those creative juices flowing and spread the Christmas cheer:


During the past few months, the beauty industry has gone through several shifts, especially with some of the bigger cult-favorite brands across the world. Anastasia Beverly Hills was one of the first brands to undergo a transition when it was acquired by TPG Capital. The brand had grown to become one of the top eyebrow makeup brands and had been seeing a rapid amount of growth in this category. The acquisition was undertaken with the intention of pushing the brand further into the beauty industry. Many cosmetic giants also underwent a number of mergers and acquisitions, carrying forward the brands that have formed a place in the hearts of makeup lovers.

Another brand that recently went through a similar process as that of Anastasia Beverly Hills was Lime Crime. The vegan beauty favorite was newly acquired through a deal with Tengram Capital Partners and was set to go through an entire revamp in terms of what it had to offer. Even though the brand was known throughout the world, it started to see diminishing profits as a result of the sheer competition that exists in this industry.



What if you get convicted while you are driving under the influence in California? There are different penalties that you are expected to get. The severity of the penalties will depend on the circumstances surrounding your present situation.

If it is your first time to become arrested and get convicted for DUI, this will be considered a misdemeanor by the court. The very first thing that you should do is to find a traffic ticket lawyer. This is someone who will help you with your case. You also need to have as much knowledge about the various penalties.



When you go through a slump in your life there is something quite difficult about picking yourself back up and getting back to normal. Losing focus and making mistakes happens to the best of people, but you need to realise that the road to recovery can be a long journey. Whether you have had a run in with the law in previous years or you have treated your family badly, there is always a way to turnaround your life for the better. Getting back on track can seem like a long journey ahead, but if you address the problem, you will soon find an appropriate way to move on. It’s time to refocus your life and put all of the mistakes in the past.


When you live in a busy urban centre, it’s fair to say that the quickest way to get from A to B is not to take your car. More and more town are experiencing increasing traffic, making it difficult not only to circulate but also to park. Finding a free space in the middle of the rush hour is the next big miracle after the resurrection of Christ. And that’s precisely why most people choose to take the bus. It saves you a lot of stress in the long term – who wants to drive a car in a traffic jam? – and it’s a significant improvement in your fitness routine. Indeed, as you drive less, you naturally have to walk more! But busses are not always an ideal solution. There are a handful of situations in which taking the bus could throw your schedule off dramatically. Indeed, whether you’re going to town for a shopping trip or you’re heading to the office, here are the risks you need to be aware of.


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In Shape

Men who are so keen to have their sweetheart say yes to their wedding proposal that they forget to think about all the planning involved in engagement parties and wedding ceremonies may end up feeling a lot more anxious even after she has agreed to get wed. Nonetheless, one thing that guys about to propose to their lover should learn about is the different designs in the sorts of engagement ring or rings they are planning to purchase. And regarding precious stone bands, there are a number of different shapes of diamonds that should be considered by people looking into the various styles of engagement rings to buy for themselves and their future wife.


The very idea of a romantic honeymoon in Paris raises the spirits and the senses alike. Paris! The city of lights and the capital city of lovers that brings thousands of people from all over the world to see if they can capture some of the city’s stardust for themselves.

While every bride will enjoy her honeymoon with her husband, the small matter of the wedding has to be attended to first. After they have thoroughly investigated suitably luxurious wedding locations near Paris and made the necessary arrangements, they will concentrate on one of the most significant milestones of their lives.


When a spa experience is new to you, it’s absolutely vital that you do your homework, cover all the ground and get the skinny on the dos and don’ts. Why? Because you want this first, as well as every subsequent visit to the spa to be an exquisite one, and therefore your first one simply must provide the most positive experience. You want to go back for more, that’s what the best spas do to a person – by pampering them properly and providing all the services you’ve dreamed of, they keep you coming back. Therefore, it’s crucial that you go about your first booking the right way, so you don’t end up with nothing short of a superb first spa experience. Going to the spa for the first time can bring a sense of unease, especially when you don’t know the etiquette, but don’t worry, we’re here to hold your hand through it and make you feel like a fish in the water.



We all have our weak points. We all have our vulnerabilities. It’s just part of being a person, and to grow up relatively unscathed is most likely only thanks to being sheltered. What matters is how you choose to live despite those issues, and how you relate to yourself, which is perhaps the most lifelong battle you will ever take part in. The good news? You can win this battle in your favor, again and again, and again until it doesn’t feel like a battle anymore.

Relating to yourself may be hard if you suffer from confidence issues, or if you’re ashamed of your past. However, there’s no reason as to why you should be able to experience anything other than relating to yourself in the best ways possible. You have to ask yourself - can a human being become better and enjoy their own company? If you believe yes, then it’s possible for you to do so.


Being in your 40’s can feel a little rubbish. The moment your 30’s pass you by and you enter real adulthood, you might feel as if your youth has drifted away and that you are never going to be able to be young again.

But just because you are an adult on paper doesn’t mean you have to act like it. Just because you have a dodgy knee, you need hearing aids and you are a little bit tired doesn’t mean that you can’t still be young at heart and let out your inner child now and again.


The most recent enrollment of Neil Leibowitz as the first chief medical officer of Talkspace marks a crucial move towards expanding its textual-based therapy service, to create a provision for psychiatric treatment. Talkspace has revolutionized the manner in which therapy is being administered, by providing online therapy, rather than the conventional therapy that required direct contact between a client and the therapist. Based on the statement mentioned above, patients can either use their mobile phones to text a therapist or on some occasion communicate their related issues by composing video message or even share pictures.