Staying Young At Heart In Your 40's

Being in your 40’s can feel a little rubbish. The moment your 30’s pass you by and you enter real adulthood, you might feel as if your youth has drifted away and that you are never going to be able to be young again.

But just because you are an adult on paper doesn’t mean you have to act like it. Just because you have a dodgy knee, you need hearing aids and you are a little bit tired doesn’t mean that you can’t still be young at heart and let out your inner child now and again.


As we grow older we learn not to take life too seriously. As a young adult it can feel as if we have to have everything figured out by the time we hit 30 and this is really not the case at all. No one has life figured out and we are all just drifting along trying our best. Stop being so serious and start to laugh more. Laugh at your life, yourself and at anything you can… you will feel like a kid again in no time at all.

Look on the bright side

Instead of worrying about bills and the things you are responsible for in life. Take some time to look on the bright side and enjoy being an independent adult who is free to do anything that they want. You are able to go anywhere you want and do anything you want, so do it! If you want to go for a spa break with the girls or spend the night at the local pub getting drunk, go for it! Have fun and be happy always.

Get moving and get outside

The great outdoors has a great way of making us feel young again right away. The moment we step outside into the sun we can feel amazing about ourselves and ready to do anything that comes our way. Regular walks and sprouts outdoors can make us feel fit and strong and therefore make us feel young and happy all over again.

Don’t cut out the things you love

If you enjoy having a glass of wine at the end of the week or some cheese and crackers, what’s stopping you from having them? You can diet for most of the week and then let yourself have the things that you enjoy. Life is about enjoying ourselves and it can make a big difference to our mood and how happy we feel.

Make time for friends

When we are young we often make a lot of time for seeing our friends, but as we get older and have children… life can get in the way of our social life. You can feel young and free again by making an effort to see your friends at least once a month or more if you can. Set a time in your diary for once every few weeks and make sure you stick to it. Friends are incredibly important to have!

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