Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Cultures


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Your child will meet a range of people from all different walks of life. They may have differing views of them and can teach them many things. Knowing how to respect others is a big part of socializing and raising your child to be respectful of all should be a part of this. Below is some guidance from a prep school in Buckinghamshire on how to teach your child to respect other cultures.


Use a Map

The world is very big and diverse. There are 195 countries around the world, all with their own identity. This is a great place to start and can help your child to develop a broad understanding of where different people are from.


Treating Everyone as Equals

We are all equals that deserve respect and to be treated kindly. This is a message that you can send to your child by doing so in your interactions with others. 


Cultural and Religious Celebrations 

Celebrating religious or cultural festivities with other communities is a great way of showing respect and learning about them too. Celebrations like Diwali, Eid, and Hanukkah are some examples to name a few that you can explore and learn about together.


Show Them Around the World

The world is a very big place and we’re a spec in comparison. There’s so much to see, do and learn about. By going traveling your child can catch a glimpse of this, and develop an understanding of other cultures and a desire to learn more. You don’t have to go far to experience these things either. There are hubs of diversity and culture all around thanks to globalization.


Try New Foods

There is so much to learn and appreciate in the foods that we eat. They stem from ancient methods of doing things and can take you on a unique flavour experience. You can try something new for your dinner as a way of boosting your child’s exposure.

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