Key Things to Know About SMSF Loans


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An SMSF loan is a loan that you take out with your own self-managed super fund. You need to be the primary member of the fund and be over 18 years old. The loan can be for any purpose, but it must have some connection to the investment of your superannuation assets.

In Australia, borrowers can access SMSF home loans for investment properties through SMSF. This is a mortgage controlled by the members of a super fund, which can be used to buy an investment property that produces rental income and capital growth. The money also goes towards retirement savings within your super fund.

If you have a super fund, you can access money for any purchase through your regular borrowing arrangements. If the purchase is an investment property, then you need to apply for a special SMSF loan from an approved lender. The good news is, you can get a loan to help you save - and we've got the details just below!

What are the features of an SMSF?

This is a great list of features that are available with an SMSF.

Managing your own investments.

It is the goal of an SMSF fund to provide its members with retirement funds. It is therefore important that any investments are fulfilling the members' needs and are not part of your personal financial situation.

Additional contributions from the trustees

Additional contributions can be made, but there are some limits that depend on the contributor's age and contribution limits. Penalties can be imposed for contributions that exceed the limit, and these limits vary from year to year.

Managing the fund

You can also contribute additional funds to make sure you get the retirement income you need. Penalties for exceeding the limit are possible, so it's best to speak to a financial advisor first.

Accessing your funds

As members of an SMSF, when you satisfy the release conditions (preservation age as agreed with your fund's trust deed), you can access the funds for personal use. For example, if you retire or turn 60 years old.

What are the minimum requirements and documents required to apply for an SMSF loan?

Before anything, you need to specify the purpose of your loan:

     Purchase of residential property for investment

     Purchase of non-specialised commercial property for investment

To apply for an SMSF loan, you will need to provide the following specific documentation:

     Certified copy of the SMSF Trust Deed

     Certified copy of Custodian Trust Deed

     Financial information to ensure serviceability

     A full copy of the contract of sale

How much money can I borrow when applying for an SMSF Loan and how much interest will I be charged?

The amount of money you can borrow from your own SMSF depends on the number of years left before retirement, and how much interest you want to pay.

For example, if someone has 10 years left before retirement and wants to pay a monthly interest rate of 3%, they will be able to borrow up to $5,000.

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