How to Create the Ultimate Self Care Routine


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Life can be busy sometimes and it can be hard to dedicate some time just for yourself and to do things that make you happy. With endless to-do lists, it is important to set some time for yourself throughout the week as it can help you recharge for the next week ahead. Even if it is only an hour you can set aside for yourself.

In this article, we discuss some self-care ideas that you can set aside to do this week!

Pamper Yourself

Putting some time aside to pamper yourself is important not only for your physical health but for your mental health. These are some suggestions on what you can include in your pampering routine;

        Booking a manicure or pedicure is an excellent way to unwind. Whether you book in to have your nails done professionally or just want to chill and do it at home, either is a great way to relax!

       Become a master at your tanning routine.

       Apply a face mask to unwind!

       Invest in a face roller or gua sha. Popping these in the freezer can also help with anxiety due to the cold sensation. Plus it can brighten and depuff your skin!

Do arts and crafts

Going to your nearest arts and crafts store and creating an art project for yourself allows you to practice your creativity, plus unwind! With a simple Google search, you can find lots of ideas to get you going on your self-care creative adventure.

Why not try getting your painting tools out and paint a mason jar with your own design. Then you can put fairy lights into the jar or you can put flowers into your jar and just like that you have created your own customized vase all the while practising self-care.

Schedule in time for Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to schedule time for yourself. It not only helps you improve your overall strength and flexibility it also helps with improving your mental health. Scheduling in just 20 mins can improve your mood and outlook for the week ahead.

Go for a walk by yourself or with friends

Going for a walk allows you to unwind and connect with nature. Plus inviting friends or family can be a really good way to connect with one another and catch up.

Get baking!

Baking is a de-stressor plus you get to eat! This is your time to indulge and make your favourite chocolate cake or your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe! 


Buy yourself flowers

Buying yourself flowers is a great form of self-care! Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers, buy them yourself! It's a great way to treat yourself and practice self-care.

Read a book!

Reading is a great way to unwind and escape into a fictional reality. Schedule in time to pick up your favourite book, maybe it’s Harry Potter? And get reading!

Make yourself a fun drink

Do a quick Google search to make yourself a fun drink whether that be your favourite milkshake or a jam-packed tropical cocktail! It's all up to you, it is your self-care day after all.

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