How Do Chores Help with My Child's Development?


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Chores give children a glimpse into what adult life is like by giving them the chance to assume responsibility and contribute at home. There are also many fundamental life lessons that they can take away too, like how to clean up and take care of themselves. From a development perspective, they can develop their independence, resilience, and a good work ethic. Below is information from an IB school in the UK on how chores help children with their development.


It’s Not Just About Housework

These lessons can be applied to any area of life from school to the world of work. Resilience is a vital skill that children need to bounce back from difficult situations and continue with their goals.



By getting involved in cleaning, children can learn what it’s like for their parents to clean up after them and develop a respect for what they do. They may even start to think twice before leaving their mess lying around.


Time Management

Chores are another commitment to be met which reduces the amount of time that your child has available to do their schoolwork, socialize and play. They’ll need to learn how to manage their time effectively in order to make them work. The time management skills that they pick up from this can help them in all aspects of life and will be even more so important later when they have more to juggle.



There are many things that we don’t want to do but must be done and cleaning is one of them. It helps teach children the valuable lesson of self-discipline which can help them to deal with difficult situations in life.


Motor Skills

As they put away their things, young children can practice their motor skills. They’ll need to grip, hold and pinch to pick things up and possibly use the gross motor skills in their larger muscles to exert strength. 

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