10 things to include in your diaper bag


Diaper Bag Essentials

A Diaper Bag is not only a bag, but a saviour for any mom. If you are new to being a mum or have been one for many years, there is always room for unpredicted issues. Having a stocked diaper bag ready to go at any time will relieve the stress of worrying if you have everything you need and allows you to focus on your bundle of joy more.

When it comes to packing a diaper bag, there are many considerations. You'll want to make sure you have the basics such as diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer. But, what about more specific needs like formulas? What if you're headed to the beach or out for a hike? We're here to help with these 10 items that should be in your diaper bag all of the time:



Diapers are probably the first thought that pops in your head when you think about what should be included in a diaper bag. It is easy to overload with diapers leaving less room for other important things or not bringing enough and being left with a messy situation. A good rule of thumb is to bring around 8-12 diapers for your outing, of course if you have a longer trip planned always bring extra.


Spare set of clothes

A good diaper bag must include spare clothes such as a onesie, socks and bibs that can be packed in an organized way. Choosing an easy piece of clothing like a bodysuit is great as it doesn’t take up much space in your diaper bag and is easy to put on. Remember that there will always be spit ups and spills, so always bring a spare outfit for any occasion.



Travelling with your baby can be tough but a great way to make them less anxious is to bring their favourite blanket or toy with you. This can help them feel safer and make the transition to home less difficult. Soft toys are great for your diaper bag and can be squished down to leave more room for larger items. Investing in toy straps is an amazing way to keep track of all the toys you bring and keeps them clean from dirt and other factors that are unhealthy for your baby to touch.


Beanie’s and Hats

Whether it’s the cold winds in winter or the scorching sun in summer, it's important to take care of your child's delicate skin with a hat, beanie or any comfortable head protector.


Blanket or Swaddle

A great idea for when you are away from home, is to bring a blanket or swaddle with you. This will help provide consistency for your baby and help reduce the possibility of feeling abandoned. Having a light blanket in your diaper bag also eliminates the risk of your baby getting cold from unexpected breezes or rain drops.



There are a lot of wipes on the market and it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your baby. You want something gentle, but not too expensive. There are travel size wipes that can fit any pocket which are great for smaller trips, however we recommend a large pack of wipes that can be placed on the side of your diaper bag, as well all know wipes are used for just about everything and anything.

Disposable bags

Plastic or paper bags are not the best option for storing baby food or diapers. Bags can leak, attract vermin and may be toxic. Disposable bags are an easy way to store your little one’s food and diapers and can be thrown away when they're full.



Having light snacks always comes in handy when your baby is starting to get hungry but it’s almost meal time. Keeping your snacks in zip lock bags or small Tupperware containers assures that there will be no crumbs left in your diaper bag and also keeps the food fresh, especially fruit.


Formula Supplies

Pre-filling a formula dispenser eliminates the hassle of bringing the whole equipment with you, saving you room in your diaper bag and makes the trip extremely easier without the extra heavy weight.


Changing Pad

Most diaper bags come with a changing pad, however investing in waterproof liners or disposable changing pads are great as they don’t take up too much space and can be rolled up and tucked into any part of your diaper bag.

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