The Best Teeth Whitening Techniques And Toothpastes


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Teeth whitening is becoming ever more popular in 2021 so we wanted to review the benefits and dangers of teeth whitening as well


What is Tooth Enamel?

Teeth are made up of enamel. Teeth are made of a special type of mineral called, Materia Extablema or “extrinsic substance”. This substance is found in other tissues of the body and also make up your nails, hair, and skin. Teeth don’t really have any mineral body of their own. If they did, like bones or shells, you would notice. This is why it is called “extrinsic substance”. This substance of your teeth isn’t really what’s causing yellowing. It’s the fact that the enamel can wear away and the fluoride used in dentistry can seep into the area and do more harm than good. It is possible that for some people (people with extremely sensitive teeth) things may be more difficult.


What Makes Teeth Yellow or Stained?

Tooth yellowing is the gradual change in the appearance of your teeth. While some people have more pronounced problems with discoloration, the general profile is: Yellow teeth may be due to the breakdown of the proteins, called hyaluronic acid, in the teeth. As the proteins break down, they create a yellow stain or can allow the yellow surface of the teeth to be absorbed into the gum tissue. Altering the chemistry of the tooth surface, it also becomes more prone to dentine peeling off. Staining may be a result of coffee and tea, and sugar. If teeth are stained by a food or beverage you have to brush more often to remove the stain. How Are Teeth Whitened? 1. Chemical Peeling System Peeling allows the chemicals to quickly penetrate the teeth.


What are the Benefits of Having White Teeth?

Most people are aware of the numerous ways that having white teeth will improve their appearance, but sometimes we don’t realise how many of these actually make a difference. From a youthful glow to extra confidence, this list reveals the many reasons why white teeth are important for everyone, even those without the bad fortune to inherit them. 1. They Are A Match For Your Skin Color Most of us take a look in the mirror and say, “that looks good”. So what if it really did. Your teeth can be the same! By making sure your teeth have a great colour matching with your skin tone, the quality of your teeth and how they look can be vastly improved. White teeth will do a better job of projecting your confidence and social status. 2.


What are the Dangers or Whitening your Teeth?

Excessive use of whitening products can lead to staining of the teeth which is known as tartar and staining from bleach. Tartar and staining is known to not be ideal for the health of your teeth. It can get chipped away over time which is known as dental caries. It can also leave you needing to get your teeth professionally polished, cleaned, or re-installed. The risk of tooth staining as a result of over using whitening products is caused by the amount of people using them and the amount of in-depth teeth cleaning and whitening required. You should go for Whitening that does not contain Peroxide as it can cause tooth staining. Before using whitening products do you really need to whiten them? No.



Good results can be achieved with these methods, and the cost is much lower than a professional whitening service. Here are some excellent options for you to consider: * Smile Smiles by X-Treme Smile, an in-home care system that removes stains by special technology. For customers with pre-existing yellowing, the cost is $99 for the first visit and $29 per subsequent visit. That’s a great price point. You can also pay extra for dental sealant and whitening toothpaste. * Vivid White, a stand-alone, commercial-style whitening system that provides a mild whitening effect while also restoring your teeth to a mirror-like white. While it’s not entirely proven to whiten teeth, it claims to provide results that appear comparable to bleaching. Cost is $139, and the treatment lasts for two hours.

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