How to Raise a Respectful Child


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Respect is defined by holding a person or group of people in high regard, a certain level of admiration for others. It also means that you’re able to understand when to handle situations, timing certain conversations and allowing others the space and time.


As a child they may not know how to handle situations where respect should be used. There are ways you can nurture respect and kindness in your children, especially in a world where respect feels like it should be earned. Thanks to this guide from this independent school in Middlesex, we can help you to raise a respectful child.

Be a role model

Your child will follow your lead in a lot of ways you may not realise were possible to. They are sponges for information, after all.


Use this to your advantage by showing your own examples of respect. Examples include letting others speak without interrupting them, bringing a bunch of flowers to a home, offering to take someone’s coat, and so on. These small things done in front of your child can help them mimic your actions in the future and how they will use them.

Use a safety net

Not a real one, but a virtual net to protect your child will give you the reassurance they’ll be safe within your grasp.


Monitor your children often. You might find that there are little things you notice that worry you, like bickering between siblings, fighting and being rude in front of your or others. Try not to overreact when these happen, but more offer support and explain how this is not the way to handle a situation.

Show them manners

Introducing pleases and thank yous early on will show your child what it means to be friendly, open, honest and respectful in front of others. Your child should be able to ask for things and thank others for their time; being grateful and respectful often come hand in hand so it’s a great way of learning other positive skills.

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