The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities


Taking on different activities outside of school time brings a whole range of benefits to children. Whether your child enjoys physical activities like sports, running or swimming, or your child prefers calmer activities like crafting, sewing and cooking, there’s something for everyone to try.


There are multiple benefits to taking up extracurricular activities that we talk about in this guide from this boys prep school.

Improved mental health

Children have the chance to recharge and focus on something different when they’re playing with friends, socialising or getting involved in an extracurricular activity. These types of activities are a way of letting your child take the pressure off themselves and giving them a break away from hard study time.

A chance to learn something new

Your child has the chance to learn something exciting and invigorating that doesn’t revolve around their school time. It’s an awesome way of building new skills in different areas such as teamwork, communication and independence. A lot of these skills can be transferable for use in school work and other exercises as well.

They’re doing something they enjoy

Giving your child the freedom to do things that they find fun and entertaining will increase their focus during school time. They learn to switch off and re-engage again when they return to schoolwork after an hour or two of getting stuck into one of their favorite activities or hobbies.

It’s great experience to add to your CV

You may not think it at first, but these additional activities can help bolster a child’s CV when they start to apply for their first jobs or for university applications. For example, if your child is keen to go into a sports management course, then they could add onto their CV that they took part in football and coaching initiatives outside of school hours. These small things can make your child’s CV stand out in the application and interview stages.

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