How to Be a Successful Female Manager


We all know that good managers and not so good managers exist. If you were lucky enough to breakthrough in the world of injustice and inequality, use that opportunity to be the best manager possible! Many people think that certain people who are born to be managers exist. Whether this is the truth or not, besides the characteristics, decisions you make can determine your success.

So, are you ready to step into the world of successful and empowered women? Check out all of the things you need to know to become an accomplished manager in your field! It won't be easy, but the struggle will be worth it!

1. Development before goals

You probably know how important it is to set and achieve your goals. With each step towards the goal, you become more skilful and successful. However, if you want to be a fantastic leader, you should prioritise development over goals. Why is that?

Managers and team leaders tend to be role models for many employees. Your colleagues look up to you and can learn a lot from you. That's why need to put your own development first! Learn a lot and continuously improve your knowledge and skills. Also, provide the same opportunities to your employees as well! That's how you'll be able to grow together as a team.

2. Avoid giving orders

A lot of women live in the misconception that being in charge means being bossy. From a young age, girls are thought to believe that standing up for yourself and defending your opinion is called bossiness. However, if you want to be a good and successful manager, you don’t have to be bossy, you have to be confident. That is one of the main differences between being a good and a bad leader.

Instead of bossing people around and giving orders, try to create a compact team where everyone will feel comfortable and everyone will have a chance to thrive. Instead of giving orders, assign tasks politely. Don’t just tell people what to do, they can have their own opinion on certain tasks and actions!

3. Be effective

Being effective is easier said than done! There is no magic wand that can make you super effective and successful. However, your ability to organise and manage your time will lead you just there. Minimise daily stresses and anxiety by using time management and delegation.

Instead of rushing to complete your assignments and tasks on time, make the time work for you! The way you manage your time will directly affect your effectiveness and productivity. Lead by example and inspire your team to do the same!

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate

There is one thing a lot of women are good at- communication! Due to women's ability to recognize emotions and empathise with their interlocutor, female leaders can use that to have powerful communication with their team. However, connecting with your colleagues isn't as easy in the modern world. So, what can you do?

Even if you’re miles away from your team, try to communicate daily. Instead of using unreliable and unprofessional chat apps, consider intranet solutions that will make your in-team communication a piece of cake. Share files, assign tasks or simply chat and engage with your team with just one click!

5. Fight injustice

You probably know how hard it was to get where you are at the moment, especially if you’re trying to grow in the man-rules industry. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Even though you don’t have to prove your worth to anyone, you can still try to fight injustice. What will that include?

Be the best manager ever by not judging people based on their looks, age or gender. This can really help young individuals develop their careers. This will allow you to discover hidden talents and successfully lead your team towards the goals.


Who says that women can’t be bosses? We are not too weak to run a business and be fantastic leaders of our teams. There are many qualities most women can recognise and nurture, such as empathy and assertive communication, that make girls powerful! So, embrace who you are and lift your chin up, manager!

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