Popular Pocket Watch Makers You Need To Know


If you are new to the world of pocket watches, there is a lot to learn when purchasing a beautiful timepiece. There are many makers of quality pocket watches from across the globe, and each has unique characteristics which make them stand out. Below are some of the most popular makers of pocket watches to look for when you are shopping for your collection that will look good on display or worn with a classic suit. 


Seth Thomas

Seth Thomas made a wide variety of timepieces, including pocket watches, and they produced their designs between 1884 and 1915. With the popularity of wristwatches and the great depression of the 1930s, the company went bust, but you can still find their pocket watches for sale at antique dealers and specialists. They are accurate and precise watches, and as the company is no longer trading, highly collectable. 



Gruen has had many names over the years, and the company was first named the Columbus Watch Manufacturing Company in 1876. The company initially imported unfinished pocket watches from Switzerland and finished them before selling them to the American market. They were one of the first US companies to offer basic movements, and they created both entry-level and high-end designs for a wide variety of customers throughout the country. When you are looking for pocket watches antiques collectors would go for, Gruen is a name you can count on for quality and accuracy.



The Ball Watch Company did not produce their timepieces themselves, as they outsourced the production to other quality manufacturers. However, they were the company that helped to set the standards for timekeeping for trains and was the standard that all other manufacturers followed. A Ball pocket watch is an excellent addition to any watch collection, and it is from these pocket watches that we get the phrase “on the ball”, which is a throwback to their accuracy.



Dudley was a company formed by William Wallace Dudley in 1920, and at the time, wristwatches were increasing in popularity, and the company would only trade for five years. William studied watch making all his life and set the company up when he was 69 years old. The Dudley brand of pocket watch has a deeply rooted association with Freemasons, with Masonic symbols appearing on many of the movements of their pocket watches. There are not too many of these watches available, so if you see one in good condition and at a fair price, it is worthwhile purchasing and adding it to your collection. 



The Ingersoll company was one of the first to produce accurate and affordable pocket watches, which they marketed to all classes of people. With their pocket watches, everyone could afford a precise timepiece, and they produced good pocket watches which sold for $1 in the 1890s, which were profitable. They produced many pocket watches, which means there are still plenty available to buy from antique and vintage watch dealers worldwide. When you want to add a little history to your pocket watch collection, an Ingersoll pocket watch is one to look out for when looking to make a purchase.

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